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How To Spell leap?

Correct spelling: leap

Definition of leap:

  1. A basket.

List of misspellings for leap:

  • yeap,
  • leam,
  • leapard,
  • tillapia,
  • kleep,
  • deap,
  • loupy,
  • lieau,
  • pleae,
  • lkaw,
  • cleaup,
  • haelp,
  • leav,
  • bluepaw,
  • keap,
  • weapy,
  • slepp,
  • leapord,
  • velop,
  • leaue,
  • lep,
  • teap,
  • leiway,
  • lepar,
  • lmao,
  • leawe,
  • ldap,
  • laef,
  • lepage,
  • beap,
  • lewife,
  • leeps,
  • berlap,
  • rralp,
  • elape,
  • leal,
  • leadup,
  • lseep,
  • learm,
  • leapin,
  • leazy,
  • l4ap,
  • leas,
  • ferpa,
  • leah,
  • healp,
  • leae,
  • lifepath,
  • laehoof,
  • weap,
  • wearp,
  • leui,
  • maleup,
  • tilapi,
  • lauph,
  • joepa,
  • lkeep,
  • laeppo,
  • leaer,
  • lead,
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  • sleapy,
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  • ceap,
  • lepper.

What does the abbreviation leap mean?

Related words for leap

Dog Leap Stairs


Album by Kathryn Williams

Dog Leap Stairs, Kathryn Williams' debut album was released on her own label, CAW Records, on 10 May 1999 at the recording cost of £80. UNCUT magazine in the UK suggested the album drew favourable comparisons to the work of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley. The name is a reference to Dog Leap Stairs, a well-known alleyway, with stairs, in central Newcastle upon Tyne.

Leap Frog Films


Film distributor

Leap Frog Films is an Australian film distributor. The company was founded by David Doepel and Barbara Connell.

Leap into Darkness


Book by Leo Bretholz and Michael Olesker

Leap into Darkness is a 1998 memoir by Holocaust survivor Leo Bretholz and co-author Michael Olesker.

Leap Into Life


1924 film

Leap Into Life is a 1924 German silent drama film directed by Johannes Guter and starring Xenia Desni, Walter Rilla and Paul Heidemann. It features one the earliest film appearances of the future star Marlene Dietrich. It was partly shot at the Johannisthal Studios in Berlin as well as on location around Rugen. The film's sets were designed by Rudi Feld.

The Quantum Leap


Sculpture created in 2009

The Quantum Leap is a sculpture situated next to the River Severn in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom. It was created to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of evolutionist Charles Darwin, who was born in the town in 1809.

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Quotes for leap:

  1. Look twice before you leap.
  2. Leap, and the net will appear.
  3. The apathy of the people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestal and hasten the resurrection of the dead.
  4. Life is a travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken.
  5. So in one leap we had gone from being a friendly society to something almost professional.

Rhymes for leap:

  1. keep, eap, heap, cheap, steep, sleep, sepe, jeep, veep, seip, leep, streep, sweep, diep, reep, bleep, creep, sheep, weep, reap, lepe, deep, peep, beep, seep;
  2. bopeep, felipe, asleep;

Translations for leap:

Arabic word for Leap


Bengali word for Leap


Dutch words for Leap

stap, sprong.

French words for Leap

saut, sauter, bissextile, bondir, plongeon.

German words for Leap

Satz, Sprung, Bond, springen, Salto, stark ansteigen.

Hindi word for Leap


Italian word for Leap


Japanese word for Leap


Javanese word for Leap


Malay word for Leap


Norwegian word for Leap


Polish words for Leap

skok, przeskok.

Portuguese words for Leap

pular, pulo, galgar.

Russian words for Leap

прыжок, високосный.

Spanish words for Leap

paso, saltar, ascenso, brinco, bisiesto.

Tamil word for Leap