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Correct spelling: learn

Definition of learn:

  1. Learning.
  2. To acquire knowledge of; to acquire skill in or a faculty of performing by practice.
  3. To gain knowledge; to receive instruction.

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What does the abbreviation learn mean?

LEARN abbreviation definitions:
–  Link Environmental And Academic Research Network
–  Law Enforcement Administrative Radio Network

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Rhymes for learn:

  1. spurn, stearn, hurn, hearn, berne, bern, verne, churn, hearne, burne, cern, hern, earn, vern, erne, yearn, herne, byrne, kern, urn, turn, durn, fern, sterne, burn, dern, kearn, stern, stearne;
  2. adjourn, ahearn, upturn, concern, sauterne, return, laverne, discern, aherne, ahern;
  3. unconcern;