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Correct spelling: learned

Common misspellings for learned:

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Quotes for learned:

  1. The boys of my people began very young to learn the ways of men, and no one taught us; we just learned by doing what we saw, and we were warriors at a time when boys now are like girls.
  2. I've had all the lessons I could get. I've learned from everybody I've ever met.
  3. I sort of always like to write starting with when I learned how.
  4. I've learned by hanging out in Hollywood, where I disagree politically with most people, that most people's hearts are in the right place, and the only thing we have to argue about is the way to solve the problems.
  5. An unschooled man who knows how to meditate upon the Lord has learned far more than the man with the highest education who does not know how to meditate.