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How To Spell Leaves?

Correct spelling: Leaves

Definition of Leaves:

  1. To shoot out or produce leaves.
  2. of Leaf

List of misspellings for Leaves:

  • beleaves,
  • levet,
  • leava,
  • levvers,
  • levae,
  • leeves,
  • leavl,
  • laertes,
  • lieves,
  • laeve,
  • plaves,
  • leaeve,
  • beleavers,
  • laughes,
  • leavce,
  • plavis,
  • leavor,
  • leasve,
  • leavig,
  • bleives,
  • levaves,
  • leaise,
  • levys,
  • llevels,
  • lieave,
  • leages,
  • leauges,
  • elaves,
  • leavein,
  • leavs,
  • levaes,
  • lioves,
  • leahs,
  • levek,
  • larvaes,
  • leafeon,
  • leaveher,
  • learers,
  • levles,
  • leace,
  • leaave,
  • livves,
  • leavea,
  • releaves,
  • leaase,
  • theaves,
  • leeave,
  • leades,
  • leves,
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  • leeve,
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  • lsave.

Related words for Leaves

Last Leaves


Pop band

Last Leaves are an indie pop band from Melbourne, Australia made up of three quarters of the members of defunct and well-known Melbourne band The Lucksmiths.

Leaves of Glass


Play by Philip Ridley

Leaves of Glass is the sixth adult stage play by Philip Ridley. It premiered at the Soho Theatre in London, England, on 3 May 2007.

Leaves Turn Inside You


Studio album by Unwound

Leaves Turn Inside You is the eighth and final studio album by the American post-hardcore band Unwound, released on April 17, 2001 by Kill Rock Stars. The album received high acclaim from several music critics.

Lola Leaves for the Ports


1947 film

Lola Leaves for the Ports is a 1947 Spanish historical musical drama film directed by Juan de Orduña and starring Juanita Reina, Nani Fernández and Manuel Luna. It is based on a 1929 play of the same title.

Two Leaves and a Bud


Tea company

Two Leaves and a Bud, formerly Two Leaves Tea Company, manufactures and distributes organic tea. Based in Basalt, Colorado, two leaves and a bud produces organic whole leaf tea that is packaged in pyramid-shaped sachets.

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Translations for Leaves:

Arabic word for Leaves


Bengali word for Leaves


Chinese word for Leaves


Dutch words for Leaves

bladeren, bladen, loof.

French words for Leaves

feuilles, feuillage, pages.

German words for Leaves

klappen, Kraut, Blätter, Folien, Laub, Blattwerk, Laubblätter, Belaubung, Türflügel.

Italian word for Leaves


Javanese word for Leaves


Korean word for Leaves


Malay words for Leaves

Blare, daun.

Polish word for Leaves


Portuguese words for Leaves

folhas, licenças, páginas.

Spanish words for Leaves

hoja, follaje, hojas, páginas, Frunze.

Swedish word for Leaves


Tamil word for Leaves


Turkish word for Leaves


Vietnamese word for Leaves

những chiếc lá.