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How To Spell lees?

Correct spelling: lees

List of misspellings for lees:

  • lexy,
  • wyles,
  • leaise,
  • leters,
  • laies,
  • l970s,
  • lesney,
  • sleeo,
  • lense,
  • clese,
  • yeers,
  • legecy,
  • leesh,
  • leed,
  • leeson,
  • leusemia,
  • lesss,
  • leui,
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What does the abbreviation lees mean?

Related words for lees

Edwin Lees


British botanist

Edwin Lees was a British botanist and antiquarian.

Jim Lees


James Travers Lees QPM was the Commissioner of the New South Wales Police from 17 October 1979 to 29 December 1981.

Lees Radcliffe



Lees Radcliffe was an English cricketer. Radcliffe was a right-handed batsman who fielded as a wicket-keeper. He was born in Smithy Bridge, Littleborough, Lancashire.

Merry Lees railway station


Railway station

Merry Lees was a railway station on the Leicester to Burton upon Trent Line in Leicestershire. It was opened in 1832 and closed in 1871. The Leicester and Swannington Railway opened the first Merry Lees station on 18 July 1832.

Ted Lees


Soccer player

Edwin 'Ted' Lees is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Melbourne in the Victorian Football League during the 1960s. Lees played for Assumption College alongside future Hawthorn star Peter Crimmins before joining the University Blacks.

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Rhymes for lees:

  1. sleaze, tees, reas, sneeze, sprees, freeze, fleas, dees, bees, mees, teas, frees, neas, keys, kees, z's, friese, geez, neese, nees, cheese, she's, fees, trees, glees, sees, gies, jeez, wheeze, squeeze, threes, neis, please, feese, skis, reis, deis, crees, cees, frieze, seas, peas, deas, hees, preis, keyes, breeze, seize, leas, liese, ease, mease, pease, saez, bes, meis, pleas, keas, tease, flees, vees, these, rees, knees, sies, beas, breese;
  2. cadiz, displease, aziz, trustees, degrees, louise, pawnees, maltese, belize, scorsese, chemise, agrees, chinese, reprise, burmese, draftees, decrees, ortiz, trainees, foresees, andries, appease, jaycees, rupees, cds, trapeze, disease, lessees, unease;
  3. japanese, overseas, appointees, ccs, sudanese, nominees, retirees, designees, referees, guarantees, annamese, returnees, timorese, enrollees, internees, licensees, enlistees, devotees, amputees, inductees, sinhalese, escapees, conferees, detainees, journalese, nepalese, franchisees, taiwanese, balinese, expertise, disagrees, absentees, guaranties, javanese, honorees, cantonese, siamese;
  4. indochinese, interviewees, abts, stds;

Translations for lees:

Afrikaans word for Lees


Dutch word for Lees


French words for Lees

rester, lié.

German word for Lees


Greek word for Lees


Hindi word for Lees


Italian word for Lees


Marathi word for Lees


Polish word for Lees

Osad drożdżowy.

Romanian word for Lees


Russian word for Lees


Spanish words for Lees

Borras, lías.

Turkish word for Lees


Ukrainian word for Lees