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How To Spell less?

Correct spelling: less

List of misspellings for less:

  • lesee,
  • lesure,
  • lews,
  • levs,
  • leifs,
  • mess,
  • leggs,
  • leusemia,
  • ess,
  • leson,
  • latess,
  • lassy,
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  • giess,
  • pleass,
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What does the abbreviation less mean?

Related words for less

An Epic No Less


Musical band

An Epic No Less is an American Christian music band. They come from St. Louis, Missouri. The band started making music in 2009. Their membership is Todd Larson, Daniel Chancellor, Hannah Chancellor, Neil Endicott, and Brittany Stutz. The band released an independently made album, We Are the Echo of Love, in 2010. They released a studio album, Echo of Love, in 2012, with BEC Recordings.

Anthony A. Less


Anthony A. "Tony" Less was a vice admiral in the United States Navy. He commanded the Commander Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet from 1991 to 1994. He is an alumnus of Heidelberg University in Tifflin, Ohio.

Brothers on a Road Less Traveled


Brothers on a Road Less Traveled, formerly known as People Can Change, is an American nonprofit organization supporting men wishing to reduce or eliminate their homosexual desires.

Road Less Traveled


Studio album by Lauren Alaina

Road Less Traveled is the second studio album by American country music artist Lauren Alaina. The album was released on January 27, 2017, by Mercury Nashville and Interscope Records. It includes the number one single of the same name.

The Adventures of Edward the Less



The Adventures of Edward the Less is a 2001 animated miniseries fantasy comedy created by the former cast of the popular show Mystery Science Theater 3000 for SciFi.com, the Sci Fi Channel website.

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This graph shows how "less" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for less:

  1. Everything has to be well thought out- what do you really need, when can you do with less coverage.
  2. If I have a talent for making some fourth -grader who hates school and reading to hate it a little less, then I have to do the most with what I've been issued.
  3. When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.
  4. I'd like to do more stuff with less sarcasm.
  5. Men trust their ears less than their eyes.

Rhymes for less:

  1. fess, wes, abs, tress, ness, tess, hesse, stress, nes, ches, hess, yes, ess, guests, pless, chess, esse, bess, jess, ress, s, ques, crests, press, es, guess, gess, cress, gless, vess, fests, bless, dress, mess, kess, les;
  2. undress, protests, oppress, attests, finesse, excess, depress, noblesse, ls, largesse, progress, distress, impress, address, caress, recess, ellesse, assess, molests, fluoresce, unless, transgress, infests, egress, express, compress, retests, divests, regress, profess, suppress, requests, repress, confess, suggests, invests, possess, digress, contests, etess, digests, success, ts, obsess, aggress, redress, fs, vs;
  3. cps, cus, reinvests, acquiesce, dss, nonetheless, las, ccs, oas, dispossess, ins, uys, reassess, lcs, convalesce, pos, ers, coalesce, repossess, uss;
  4. ws, cmos, hces, nevertheless, adss, abts, stds, tcas;

Translations for less:

Arabic word for Less


Chinese words for Less

AZ, BEZ, 较少地.

Dutch word for Less


French words for Less

moins, moins de.

German words for Less

weniger, abzüglich, geringer, kleiner.

Greek word for Less


Italian word for Less


Japanese word for Less


Javanese word for Less


Korean word for Less

더 적은.

Polish word for Less


Russian word for Less


Spanish words for Less

menos, menor.

Swedish word for Less


Ukrainian word for Less


Vietnamese word for Less

ở mức ít hơn.