How To Spell levy?

Correct spelling: levy

What is the definition of levy?

  1. a charge imposed and collected


Levy as a boy's name is a variant of Levi (Hebrew), and the meaning of Levy is "joined".

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What are the rhymes for levy?

  1. levee, chevy, peavey, peavy, stevie, bevy, heavy, sevy, leavy;

What are the translations for levy?

Arabic word for Levy


Dutch words for Levy

belasting, heffing, afdracht.

French words for Levy

lever, imposer, appeler, impôt, percevoir, conscrit, recouvrement.

German words for Levy

Abgabe, Einziehung, Taxe, Erhebung, steuern, Beschlagnahme, Umlage, Steuer, Abgaben, Eintreibung, Abschöpfung, Bootsanleger.

Greek word for Levy


Japanese word for Levy


Javanese word for Levy


Marathi word for Levy


Portuguese words for Levy

taxa, imposto, imposta, quotização, cotização, arrecadar.

Russian words for Levy

налог, взыскивать, взыскание, взимание, обложение налогом, налагать штраф, взимать налог, облагать налогом, набирать рекрутов.

Spanish words for Levy

tasa, tarifa, recaudar, impuesto, imponer, exigir, recargo, gravamen, reclutar, cobrar, gravar, leva, arancel, tributo, exacción, Levi.

Swedish words for Levy

avgift, avgiften.

Turkish word for Levy