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How To Spell lies?

Correct spelling: lies

List of misspellings for lies:

  • lief,
  • lesee,
  • liose,
  • lyies,
  • giess,
  • livese,
  • leasy,
  • lins,
  • lahes,
  • iles,
  • liits,
  • laims,
  • vlues,
  • liist,
  • tilies,
  • lioms,
  • liense,
  • liceen,
  • laies,
  • louies,
  • licese,
  • liezure,
  • lims,
  • lighs,
  • soliey,
  • liles,
  • lias,
  • lawws,
  • liasie,
  • loese,
  • loise,
  • gies,
  • lisin,
  • lters,
  • lieue,
  • lovies,
  • lmiss,
  • liegh,
  • liuk,
  • ligs,
  • ilse,
  • lise,
  • layes,
  • ralies,
  • bies,
  • les,
  • fies,
  • liase,
  • looes,
  • lieau,
  • rilies,
  • lieves,
  • licece,
  • plius,
  • sliers,
  • lifie's,
  • lweis,
  • lieces,
  • liseure,
  • liet,
  • liced,
  • likw,
  • leahs,
  • lesie,
  • licen,
  • likewsie,
  • luise,
  • livess,
  • lless,
  • alieas,
  • liaw,
  • likers,
  • leifs,
  • siez,
  • oiles,
  • liss,
  • liev,
  • clise,
  • llikes,
  • calies,
  • aliies,
  • loius,
  • leisue,
  • lisen,
  • wies,
  • laisser,
  • lits,
  • ciels,
  • liesurly,
  • likew,
  • loest,
  • luieu,
  • lifes,
  • llieu,
  • m'laise,
  • lipps,
  • lier,
  • leaise,
  • fiews,
  • lious.

What does the abbreviation lies mean?

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A Landscape of Lies


2011 film

A Landscape of Lies is a 2011 British drama film, written and directed by Paul Knight. The film stars Andrea McLean, Danny Midwinter, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Daniel Peacock, Marc Bannerman, Andre Samson and Christina Baily.

Lies Koning


Lies Koning was a Dutch sprinter. She competed in the women's 100 metres at the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Michel M. Liès



Michel M. Liès is a citizen of Luxembourg and noted reinsurance expert. He served as Group Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Re till 30 June 2016.

My Words, My Lies - My Love


2009 film

Lila, Lila is a 2009 German film starring Daniel Brühl and Hannah Herzsprung. At various film festivals and international screenings the film was sometimes known under the title My Words, My Lies, My Love or My Words, My Lies – My Love.

Porch Lies


Book by Patricia McKissack

Porch Lies: Tales of Slicksters, Tricksters, and Other Wily Characters is a 2006 book by Patricia McKissack. It is a collection of tales based on oral stories that McKissack heard from her grandfather and his friends when she was a child.

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Rhymes for lies:

  1. fries, size, despise, hise, disguise, supplies, flies, eis, marseilles, mies, defies, highs, relies, tries, thais, bies, replies, decries, ais, dries, wise, rise, ties, bise, sighs, buys, ise, unwise, dyes, incise, eyes, complies, nies, implies, julies, surprise, demise, pries, shies, goodbyes, pies, geis, thighs, guise, prize, guys, emprise, kise, lise, wies, spies, wyse, crise, comprise, plies, grise, surmise, revise, skies, unties, chastise, y's, ayes, dies, dise, upsize, pint-size, denies, cries, vies, ries;
  2. applies, advise, apprise, reprise, devise, belies, baptize, allies, arise;
  3. underlies, oversize, improvise;
  4. sensationalize, decriminalize;

Translations for lies:

Chinese words for Lies

谎, 谎言, 谎话, 妄言, 诳, 诳语, 诈语.

Dutch words for Lies

leugens, onwaarheden, valsheden.

French words for Lies

tromperie, mensonges, tromperies.

German words for Lies

Unwahrheiten, Geflunker.

Portuguese word for Lies


Spanish words for Lies

mentiras, embustes, falsedades, calumnias, trolas, bolas, filfas, farsas, patrañas, falacias, bulos, infundios.