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Spell Check of lighten

Correct spelling: lighten

Definition of lighten:

  1. To make light; to fill with light; to enlighten; to illuminate with knowledge.
  2. To make lighter; to alleviate; to cheer.
  3. To flash, as lightning; to grow light or brighter.

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Examples of usage for lighten:

  1. O that my simple lay might tend To kindle some remorse In your oppressors' souls, and bend Their wills a cheerful help to lend And lighten Labour's curse! –  by
  2. It was her sister Mary who first spoke about it, having seen with sorrow how changed the once happy blind sister had become, and longing to lighten her burden. –  by
  3. He thought how it would lighten the burden of the woman to whom he had been bound till death should them part. –  by