How To Spell like?

Correct spelling: like


Like as a girl's name.

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This graph shows how "like" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for like?

  1. fike, bike, pyke, ike, fyke, spike, dyke, reich, pike, psych, mike, eick, tike, wyke, tyke, eike, wike, hike, dike, strike;
  2. unlike, vandyke, alike, dislike;

What are the translations for like?

Afrikaans word for Like


Arabic word for Like


Bengali word for Like


Chinese words for Like

欢喜, 中意, 喜爱, 爱好, 伣, 如同.

Danish word for Like


Dutch words for Like

zoals, alsof, leuk vinden.

French words for Like

comme, aimer, vouloir, ça, semblable, pareil, similaire, Côme.

German words for Like

goutieren, Gefallen, wie, als ob, lieben, gernhaben, genau wie.

Italian word for Like


Japanese words for Like

ににて, のように, に似て, の様に, ライク, 如く, 如, ようです, 様な, ぐらい, ごとく, ごとし, 好き好む, ごとき, 均しい, 気に染む, 如し, 若し, 若, おきにめす, 斉しい, 好まれる, このむ, どうよう, きにめす, もころ, 御気に召す, ・・・のような.

Javanese word for Like


Malay word for Like


Marathi word for Like


Polish words for Like

jak, jako, niby, niczym.

Portuguese words for Like

gostar, gosto.

Russian words for Like

нравиться, поставить лайк, похожий, предпочитать.

Spanish words for Like

como, querer, igual, semejante, similar, apreciar, amar, adorar.

Turkish word for Like