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How To Spell limitation?

Correct spelling: limitation

What are the misspellings for limitation ?

  • limiitations,
  • limitaion,
  • limatations,
  • likitation,
  • limititng,
  • viisitation,
  • comitition,
  • limitatiion,
  • timidation,
  • limitatioins,
  • limmitations,
  • liqidation,
  • liquatation,
  • limititations,
  • visitatioin,
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  • limitating.

What is the definition of limitation?

  1. the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed; "there are limits on the amount you can bet"; "it is growing rapidly with no limitation in sight"

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What are the usage examples for limitation?

  1. This time the trouble was in the East, where many were dissatisfied with the artificial limitation of districts entitled to produce wines labelled " champagne." – A History of the Third French Republic by C. H. C. Wright

What are the quotes for limitation?

  1. Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.
  2. Age is no barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind.
  3. Democracy is hypocrisy without limitation.
  4. The Constitution was about a limitation on power.
  5. I don't know what makes someone hip. The goal is artist achievement and the best work we can do with no limitation.

What are the rhymes for limitation?

  1. incarceration, designation, remuneration, dilatation, detonation, congratulation, oxidation, communization, representation, realization, dehumanization, irradiation, sedimentation, instigation, devastation, syndication, dramatization, prostration, affiliation, nonproliferation, demodulation, separation, violation, nucleation, implantation, dedication, evocation, inauguration, consolation, vulgarization, conciliation, stagflation, reinterpretation, participation, situation, ovulation, culmination, centralization, confederation, glaciation, duplication, rationalization, estimation, amplification, discontinuation, revelation, invocation, personification, maximization, devaluation, echolocation, recantation, equitation, education, modification, disintegration, mineralization, pollination, fumigation, reaffiliation, accumulation, exhalation, machination, irrigation, respiration, germination, consolidation, disinflation, intimidation, coronation, intensification, granulation, croatian, rejuvenation, ovation, contemplation, coloration, formulation, segregation, reputation, monopolization, incorporation, confabulation, resuscitation, pronunciation, jubilation, oration, elation, proliferation, preparation, plantation, undervaluation, negotiation, glorification, ministration, conflagration, indentation, installation, dalmatian, foundation, fabrication, exasperation, integration, emulation, impregnation, commemoration, dissipation, hospitalization, gestation, modernization, industrialization, deliberation, molestation, indemnification, fibrillation, excommunication, vacillation, habitation, stipulation, repudiation, malformation, urbanization, certification, civilization, insinuation, degeneration, improvisation, consecration, simplification, demobilization, irritation, moderation, disorientation, maturation, valuation, relation, desegregation, legalization, obligation, infatuation, liberation, incarnation, computation, rumination, demoralization, agglomeration, electrification, reconciliation, nationalization, emigration, masturbation, miniaturization, migration, evaluation, renunciation, confiscation, renomination, classification, privation, negation, determination, privatisation, authorization, amelioration, reservation, recuperation, mobilization, fixation, ventilation, delegation, detoxification, connotation, laceration, vilification, normalization, overvaluation, intoxication, fragmentation, application, humiliation, confrontation, flirtation, cohabitation, invitation, transportation, occupation, indexation, deportation, eradication, reunification, depopulation, politicization, variation, quotation, annexation, experimentation, publication, ramification, predestination, lubrication, neutralization, suffocation, fortification, dissemination, extermination, cancellation, orchestration, meditation, condemnation, cremation, reexamination, assimilation, gradation, articulation, categorization, solicitation, concentration, perturbation, saturation, elimination, generation, personalization, redecoration, saponification, sanctification, perspiration, proclamation, continuation, discoloration, augmentation, orientation, pasteurization, mutilation, stimulation, justification, exaggeration, desalination, consideration, destabilization, interrogation, exhumation, collaboration, formation, decontamination, enumeration, instrumentation, infiltration, corp, exploration, nomination, conversation, transformation, frustration, protestation, documentation, modulation, desolation, vaporization, configuration, vegetation, conservation, relocation, restoration, clarification, medication, validation, federation, divination, exfoliation, hydrogenation, donation, cogitation, fermentation, avocation, impersonation, fluctuation, quantification, exploitation, notation, allocation, generalization, remediation, calculation, declaration, excavation, refutation, unionization, damnation, desiccation, depredation, incubation, harmonization, substantiation, cultivation, precipitation, inclination, stagnation, marginalization, prefabrication, inhalation, qualification, inactivation, conjugation, renegotiation, multiplication, triangulation, deprivation, observation, allegation, reconfiguration, insemination, deviation, origination, animation, premeditation, adulation, implication, discrimination, obfuscation, misinformation, presentation, exhortation, collectivization, emanation, reparation, gentrification, infestation, incrimination, consummation, intimation, adjudication, repatriation, resignation, rectification, expiration, mutation, decapitation, westernization, punctuation, diversification, misappropriation, liquidation, invalidation, simulation, vaccination, notification, reiteration, liberalization, organization, fertilization, demonization, transplantation, expropriation, amalgamation, revitalization, inoculation, palpitation, reclamation, affrication, specialization, expectation, ossification, equalization, recalculation, ordination, reflation, pacification, constellation, compensation, magnification, verification, denationalization, excitation, navigation, incapacitation, recommendation, reverberation, gasification, consternation, crustacean, constipation, democratization, proration, congregation, graduation, distillation, denomination, rehabilitation, localization, legislation, nitration, approximation, derivation, falsification, manifestation, rehydration, transillumination, concatenation, contamination, appropriation, pressurization, salvation, bifurcation, termination, admiration, deregulation, operation, figuration, deification, incrustation, rededication, reevaluation, levitation, inspiration, translation, misrepresentation, gastrulation, dispensation, anticipation, interpretation, disinclination, mitigation, filtration, optimization, automation, reclassification, hibernation, decentralization, registration, pagination, authentication, gratification, ionization, refrigeration, ornamentation, starvation, overpopulation, confirmation, deformation, depreciation, appellation, optation, misapplication, differentiation, demonstration, indignation, disorganization, deceleration, desperation, disembarkation, flotation, regimentation, fascination, sensation, specification, magnetization, revaluation, initiation, evacuation, motivation, tabulation, inhabitation, hyperinflation, approbation, regulation, balkanization, cooperation, toleration, probation, miscommunication, altercation, recrimination, strangulation, population, vindication, deforestation, titillation, combination, alleviation, profanation, association, exclamation, defamation, edification, dislocation, hybridization, popularization, socialization, identification, compilation, elaboration, arbitration, insubordination, calibration, sophistication, trepidation, vocation, sanitation, aspiration, retaliation, ostentation, criminalization, examination, demarcation, nondiscrimination, sequestration, decertification, reinvigoration, perpetuation, intonation, conglomeration, gravitation, preoccupation, implementation, computerization, exoneration, lactation, procreation, appalachian, disqualification, perforation, elevation, reorganization, alteration, ratification, hydration, recertification, horatian, procrastination, misidentification, manipulation, commendation, oscillation, pontification, vibration, colonization, reformation, preservation, reaffirmation, advocation, vacation, reconsideration, sarmatian, christianization, hallucination, incantation, standardization, evaporation, deflation, dictation, subluxation, backwardation, corroboration, explication, renovation, imagination, indication, investigation, creation, isolation, relaxation, duration, recreation, securitization, domestication, argumentation, embarkation, domination, privatization, organisation, corporation, revocation, disputation, denunciation, emancipation, foliation, facilitation, fluoridation, amputation, delineation, degradation, communication, litigation, miscalculation, expatriation, adoration, misinterpretation, telecommunication, visualization, celebration, globalization, purification, stalinization, coordination, polarization, unification, subsidization, inflation, retardation, imputation, assassination, narration, exhilaration, mummification, reincarnation, temptation, sedation, location, immunization, agitation, self-congratulation, regeneration, desalinization, victimization, miseration, rotation, permutation, escalation, dissociation, utilization, correlation, replication, consultation, convocation, indoctrination, miscreation, naturalization, insulation, speculation, provocation, inflammation, aviation, dehydration, propagation, radiation, gyration, desecration, reauthorization, incoordination, menstruation, suburbanization, elongation, annotation, affirmation, tribulation, subordination, stabilization, annihilation, commercialization, capitulation, reconfirmation, imitation, illustration, characterization, visitation, amortization, mechanization, innovation, importation, adaptation, reallocation, reforestation, explanation, codification, alienation, libration, ejaculation, russification, ligation, decoration, exacerbation, destination, equivocation, inundation, appreciation, sterilization, hesitation, aggravation, immigration, recitation, extrapolation, dissertation, condensation, complication, coagulation, segmentation, taxation, usurpation, affectation, mediation, disinformation, dilation, pigmentation, nullification, depravation, summation, illumination, information, prognostication;
  2. haitian, nation, station, ration;
  3. carnation, cessation, causation, castration, cetacean, citation, alsatian;
  4. aberration, activation, abdication, accusation, abrogation, acclimation;
  5. abomination, accommodation, abbreviation, acceleration, accreditation;
  6. acidification, alphabetization, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. americanization, decriminalization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

What are the translations for limitation?

Afrikaans word for Limitation


Bengali word for Limitation


Dutch words for Limitation

grens, limiet, begrenzing, belemmering, beperking, limitering, limitatie, restrictie, afbakening.

French words for Limitation

limite, contrainte, restriction, limitation.

German words for Limitation

Abgrenzung, Begrenzung, Limit, Enge, Einengung, Eingrenzung, Limitierung, Verjährung, Befristung, Anwendungsgrenze.

Italian words for Limitation

limitare, limitazione.

Javanese word for Limitation


Korean word for Limitation


Malay word for Limitation


Norwegian word for Limitation


Polish words for Limitation

ograniczenie, ogranicznik, ograniczanie, limitowanie.

Russian word for Limitation


Turkish word for Limitation