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How To Spell literature?

Correct spelling: literature

Definition of literature:

  1. published writings in a particular style on a particular subject; "the technical literature"; "one aspect of Waterloo has not yet been treated in the literature"

List of misspellings for literature:

  • toruture,
  • literatue,
  • literauture,
  • litariture,
  • litterature,
  • lituature,
  • loterature,
  • leterary,
  • litearary,
  • lidature,
  • literriture,
  • littature,
  • leterature,
  • litereature,
  • litature,
  • literuature,
  • litraure,
  • lituerature,
  • literatrue,
  • literatire,
  • litrature,
  • lierature,
  • potraiture,
  • litrerature,
  • strature,
  • literture,
  • listerature,
  • litriture,
  • leatrture,
  • lterature,
  • litarature,
  • literite,
  • lirterate,
  • littarature,
  • literrary,
  • liturature,
  • lieterary,
  • legistrature,
  • litrecture,
  • lititure,
  • literarure,
  • literure,
  • literatary,
  • literarture,
  • themerature,
  • litreture,
  • litruture,
  • litareture,
  • lliterature,
  • portrature,
  • litereture,
  • litarate,
  • lititature,
  • litatkure,
  • liturture,
  • litititure,
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  • lituratre,
  • lituratuer,
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  • waterfeature,
  • literautre,
  • lititaure,
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  • litertature,
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  • literaute,
  • literaturee,
  • literatuer,
  • liteture,
  • litreature,
  • lititerary,
  • literatury,
  • lituture,
  • litteature,
  • letrature.

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Berlin International Literature Festival


The Berlin International Literature Festival or ilb is an annual event based in Berlin. It was founded in 2001 by engineer and cultural manager Ulrich Schreiber, who also serves as the festival's director. The 15th festival was held 9–19 September 2015.

Fintro Literature Prize



The Golden Book-Owl is a Belgian prize for original Dutch language literature. Originally it was named Golden Owl. It has been awarded annually since 1995.

Hiroshima University


University in Higashihiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima University, in the Japanese cities of Higashihiroshima and Hiroshima, was established 1929 by the merger of a number of national educational institutions.

National Institute of Japanese Literature


Research institute in Tachikawa, Japan

The National Institute of Japanese Literature, or NIJL, was established in May 1972. Its primary purpose is to preserve manuscripts and books relating to the study of Japanese literature.

Tongan literature



Among the first published works of Tongan literature, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, were 'Epeli Hau'ofa's short stories and Konai Helu Thaman's poetry.

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This graph shows how "literature" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for literature:

  1. In the order of literature, as in others, there is no act that is not the coronation of an infinite series of causes and the source of an infinite series of effects.
  2. I've been as bad an influence on American literature as anyone I can think of.
  3. Gossip is more popular than literature.
  4. All good Literature rests primarily on insight.
  5. The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean; not to affect your reader, but to affect him precisely as you wish.

Translations for literature:

Arabic word for Literature


Chinese word for Literature


Dutch words for Literature

literatuur, letterkunde.

French words for Literature

prospectus, littérature, documentation, belles lettres.

Italian word for Literature


Japanese word for Literature


Javanese words for Literature

Sastra, Literatur.

Malay word for Literature


Romanian word for Literature


Russian word for Literature


Spanish words for Literature

estudios, literatura, bibliografía, folletos, escritos, publicaciones, libros, textos, lecturas.

Swedish word for Literature


Turkish word for Literature


Ukrainian word for Literature