How To Spell lively?

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What are the rhymes for lively?

  1. snively;

What are the translations for lively?

Afrikaans word for Lively


Arabic word for Lively


Bengali word for Lively


Chinese words for Lively

欢实, 欢势, 活泼的.

Dutch words for Lively

pittig, levendig, vrolijk, bruisend, kwiek, geanimeerd, energiek, opgewekt.

French words for Lively

actif, vif, intense, vivant, gai, dynamique, spirituel, vivante, animé, guilleret, vivants, vivantes, fringant, entraînant, plein de vie.

German words for Lively

scharf, flott, lebendig, aktiv, aufgeweckt, angeregt, munter, regsam, lebhaft, anschaulich, lebend, rege, dynamisch, schwungvoll, beschwingt, belebt, temperamentvoll, quirlig, spritzig, lebensvoll, quick, wuselig.

Greek word for Lively


Italian word for Lively


Japanese words for Lively

生き生き, 活発, にぎやか, いきいき, 活き活き, みずみずしい, 溌剌, きびきび, 快闊, めりはりを利かせた, 潑溂, 賑々しい, 水水しい, 発剌, なまなましい, めりはりの利いた, せいせい, メリハリを利かせた, メリハリをきかせた, 潑剌, 快濶, 瑞瑞しい, ぴんぴん, かっぱつ, めりはりのきいた, 活溌, 喧然, メリハリの利いた, にぎにぎしい, めりはりをきかせた, ゆうそう, 元気百倍, わさわさ, メリハリのきいた, 賑賑しい, 生々しい, 雄壮, げんきひゃくばい.

Javanese words for Lively

Nengsemake, Meriah.

Marathi word for Lively


Polish word for Lively

pełen życia.

Portuguese words for Lively

apaixonado, ativo, caloroso, vivamente, aceso, movimentada, movimentado, ativa, calorosa, movimentadas, vívido, vivazes, activas, energético, irrequieta, acirrado.

Romanian word for Lively


Russian word for Lively


Spanish words for Lively

ligero, alegre, intenso, brillante, vivo, animado, acalorado, inquieto, efervescente, bullicioso, vigoroso, vivaz, lleno de vida, chispeante, con energía, profunda.

Swedish word for Lively


Tamil word for Lively