How To Spell load?

Correct spelling: load

What is the definition of load?

  1. weight to be borne or conveyed

What does the abbreviation load mean?

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What are the translations for load?

Afrikaans word for Load


Arabic word for Load


Dutch words for Load

belasting, lading, vracht, opladen, vullen, belading, inladen, bevrachten.

French words for Load

fardeau, charger, cargaison, poids.

German words for Load

Beanspruchung, beanspruchen, Belastung, Ladung, aufladen, belasten, laden, beladen, beschicken, einlegen, Kraft, Charge, Belastbarkeit, Last, Auslastung, einladen, Traglast, befrachten, Fracht, Verbraucher, Verladen, Beladung, Ladegut, Auflast, Fuhre, Störsenke, bepacken.

Hindi word for Load


Italian word for Load


Japanese words for Load

に, ロード, 荷重, 荷, 装填, 積み荷, 積荷, 重荷, 取り出しボタン, 乗せ込む, のせこむ, おもに, つみに, とりだしボタン, 載荷, 載せ込む.

Javanese word for Load


Malay word for Load


Marathi word for Load

लोड करा.

Polish words for Load

ładunek, brzemię.

Portuguese words for Load

carregar, carregamento.

Russian word for Load


Spanish words for Load

carga, cargar, fardo, cargamento, peso, montón, cargarse.

Vietnamese word for Load

vật nặng.