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How To Spell location?

Correct spelling: location

Definition of location:

  1. a point or extent in space

List of misspellings for location:

  • locayion,
  • locaion,
  • occation,
  • lcations,
  • locxation,
  • aoolication,
  • locatioon,
  • locatation,
  • cacation,
  • loocation,
  • ducation,
  • alllocation,
  • loacations,
  • meication,
  • homologation,
  • locationing,
  • locatrion,
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  • locationed,
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  • laction,
  • reloaction,
  • dication.

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Quotes for location:

  1. Well, by the end of the millennium, five, six months from now, we hope to somehow manage to move into a new location where we have the whole building, so we can devote space to all our activities.
  2. The most interesting place I've gone on location was New Orleans.
  3. All images generated by imaging technology are viewed in a walled -off location not visible to the public. The officer assisting the passenger never sees the image, and the officer viewing the image never interacts with the passenger. The imaging technology that we use cannot store, export, print or transmit images.
  4. A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location. I'm not one though who would attribute it to being man -made.
  5. I was one of the first veejays to take the camera out on location, and that's what was unique about MTV at that time.

Rhymes for location:

  1. dedication, decertification, revocation, infiltration, toleration, rejuvenation, electrification, deification, discontinuation, amputation, specialization, reallocation, decapitation, dalmatian, origination, culmination, reincarnation, negation, dilation, arbitration, animation, utilization, meditation, enumeration, disqualification, preservation, condensation, remediation, liberalization, denunciation, devaluation, irrigation, ligation, corroboration, estimation, desolation, infatuation, reauthorization, donation, declaration, inflammation, assassination, affectation, derivation, disorientation, embarkation, punctuation, inundation, croatian, equitation, convocation, cancellation, edification, affrication, resuscitation, certification, admiration, immigration, modernization, excommunication, accumulation, instigation, misapplication, irradiation, nondiscrimination, fascination, contemplation, appropriation, integration, adoration, stimulation, hyperinflation, deviation, obligation, affiliation, miscreation, approximation, restoration, incapacitation, contamination, discoloration, creation, subluxation, formulation, demobilization, westernization, incoordination, dissociation, nomination, echolocation, cooperation, recantation, consultation, congratulation, inhabitation, destination, diversification, examination, obfuscation, miscommunication, fortification, purification, ordination, disorganization, relocation, aspiration, simplification, hibernation, violation, socialization, differentiation, explication, conciliation, isolation, mummification, dissipation, operation, desperation, documentation, modification, mediation, evaporation, coagulation, perpetuation, invocation, recrimination, preoccupation, predestination, designation, divination, amortization, renovation, proclamation, exacerbation, normalization, experimentation, detoxification, propagation, invalidation, infestation, personification, depreciation, categorization, communization, corporation, jubilation, standardization, miscalculation, association, demodulation, incarceration, illustration, simulation, domestication, interrogation, intimation, commendation, automation, intimidation, reorganization, mitigation, medication, privatisation, concatenation, participation, globalization, demarcation, indexation, glorification, exaggeration, implication, pasteurization, delineation, usurpation, amelioration, ostentation, affirmation, complication, monopolization, dehumanization, altercation, deregulation, exhortation, desiccation, misinformation, inoculation, titillation, anticipation, moderation, resignation, identification, duplication, collaboration, reflation, ovulation, recreation, deformation, ornamentation, replication, manipulation, incrimination, intensification, harmonization, appalachian, reputation, dehydration, excavation, cogitation, mechanization, proliferation, validation, gradation, segregation, backwardation, exasperation, exhilaration, deforestation, commemoration, consolation, ionization, publication, avocation, triangulation, trepidation, perspiration, organization, delegation, insemination, sanitation, exfoliation, agitation, recertification, reparation, victimization, extermination, sedation, segmentation, depravation, suffocation, narration, amplification, irritation, detonation, provocation, formation, stagnation, cremation, unification, equalization, evaluation, stagflation, demonization, discrimination, imputation, inclination, cohabitation, protestation, glaciation, fluoridation, indication, incrustation, disembarkation, gestation, sanctification, gasification, conversation, indoctrination, legalization, generalization, justification, translation, demoralization, quotation, palpitation, implantation, polarization, disinformation, realization, orchestration, aggravation, reconfiguration, calibration, rotation, vilification, separation, improvisation, figuration, elimination, foliation, distillation, fixation, 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negotiation, civilization, transplantation, notification, initiation, reconsideration, colonization, incubation, naturalization, pontification, impregnation, self-congratulation, immunization, perturbation, ventilation, privatization, annotation, subsidization, incarnation, flotation, rumination, exhumation, retardation, lubrication, telecommunication, situation, clarification, amalgamation, visitation, preparation, falsification, motivation, occupation, nationalization, excitation, bifurcation, qualification, disputation, fibrillation, indignation, oxidation, habitation, radiation, manifestation, fabrication, emancipation, desecration, mineralization, proration, vaporization, gastrulation, escalation, exploitation, revitalization, neutralization, calculation, permutation, premeditation, reinvigoration, reaffirmation, reforestation, maturation, relation, consecration, orientation, humiliation, damnation, instrumentation, miseration, authentication, collectivization, optimization, exoneration, intonation, transformation, gyration, quantification, recitation, cultivation, speculation, vocation, transillumination, population, saturation, expiration, securitization, reverberation, criminalization, misinterpretation, implementation, exhalation, legislation, valuation, demonstration, federation, extrapolation, codification, sophistication, summation, libration, hallucination, fumigation, retaliation, salvation, reevaluation, degradation, evocation, condemnation, fermentation, degeneration, ejaculation, articulation, emulation, denomination, revelation, deliberation, precipitation, insinuation, vindication, conglomeration, recalculation, privation, observation, reclamation, decentralization, reaffiliation, consummation, inactivation, combination, substantiation, agglomeration, renegotiation, generation, authorization, pigmentation, unionization, reconfirmation, tabulation, mobilization, confiscation, repatriation, inhalation, configuration, migration, strangulation, 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filtration, hydrogenation, consternation, computation, refutation, pacification, determination, stalinization, democratization, hesitation, liberation, solicitation, deprivation, politicization, hospitalization, russification, taxation, rededication, vacillation, conflagration, overvaluation, granulation, vacation, conservation, verification, ramification, conjugation, menstruation, equivocation, evacuation, redecoration, imagination, machination, vaccination, alleviation, hybridization, connotation, computerization, emigration, renomination, procrastination, confirmation, variation, flirtation, revaluation, allocation, communication, pronunciation, profanation, eradication, corp, dispensation, depredation, consideration, duration, hydration, investigation, prostration, decontamination, congregation, reservation, perforation, laceration, misidentification, sensation, commercialization, mutilation, crustacean, pagination, regimentation, reunification, adjudication, visualization, presentation, pollination, exclamation, termination, respiration, coronation, gentrification, consolidation, sarmatian, nullification, dilatation, illumination, litigation, disintegration, specification, liquidation, vulgarization, nonproliferation, alteration, disinclination, advocation, multiplication, domination, elation, reformation, prognostication, ossification, elevation, undervaluation, ratification, deportation, disinflation, emanation, recuperation, insulation, lactation, molestation, dislocation, elongation, desegregation, marginalization, inflation, impersonation, nitration, tribulation, masturbation;
  2. nation, ration, station, haitian;
  3. carnation, castration, citation, cetacean, alsatian, cessation, causation;
  4. abdication, abrogation, acclimation, accusation, activation, aberration;
  5. acceleration, abomination, accreditation, accommodation, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for location:

Arabic word for Location


Chinese words for Location

址, 所在地, 场所, 区位, 选址, 厂址, 外景拍摄场地.

Dutch words for Location

plek, plaats, locatie, ligging, vestiging, adres, zetel, positie.

French words for Location

local, plats.

German words for Location

Standplatz, Standort, Lage, Ort, Sitz, Stelle, Speicherort, Position, Schauplatz, Lokalisierung, Drehort, Lokalisation, Verortung, Ortsangabe, Fundort, Speicherstelle, Ortsbestimmung, Speicherzelle, Situation.

Hindi word for Location


Italian words for Location

posizione, luogo, ubicazione, localizzazione, collocazione, posizionamento.

Japanese words for Location

所在地, ロケーション, 位置付け, ロケ先, 位置づけ, しょざいち, いちつけ, いちづけ, 記憶場所, ロケさき, きおくばしょ.

Norwegian word for Location


Polish words for Location

miejsce, lokalizacja, umiejscowienie, usytuowanie, rozmieszczenie, plener.

Portuguese words for Location

sede, posto, sítio, localidade.

Romanian word for Location


Russian words for Location

местоположение, дислокация, месторасположение, локация.

Spanish words for Location

ubicación, lugar, emplazamiento, punto, espacio, terreno, zona, paradero, localización, exteriores, locater.

Turkish word for Location


Vietnamese word for Location

địa điểm.