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Correct spelling: lock


Common misspellings for lock:

loce, locl, loc, loock, locj, loke, locak, loack, ock, llok, alock, lok, lck, lokt, glock, lcok, locuk, locakbox, louck.

Lock \l(o)-ck\

woods; fortified place; pond
Lock as a boy's name is a variant of Locke (Old English, Old German), and the meaning of Lock is "woods; fortified place; pond".
Luc, Luck, Loki, Lucky, Lacko, Lech.

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Examples of usage for lock:

  1. A bar is a piece of wood or metal, usually of considerable size, by which an opening is obstructed, a door held fast, etc. A bar may be movable or permanent; a bolt is a movable rod or pin of metal, sliding in a socket and adapted for securing a door or window. A lock is an arrangement by which an enclosed bolt is shot forward or backward by a key, or other device; the bolt is the essential part of the lock. A latch or catch is an accessible fastening designed to be easily movable, and simply to secure against accidental opening of the door, cover, etc. A hasp is a metallic strap that fits over a staple, calculated to be secured by a padlock; a simple hook that fits into a staple is also called a hasp. A clasp is a fastening that can be sprung into place, to draw and hold the parts of some enclosing object firmly together, as the clasp of a book.
  2. They can't lock up a man for dancing with you? "The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols" , William Black.
  3. I don't know what else we can do, unless we go below and lock ourselves in, every night. "The Ghost Pirates" , William Hope Hodgson.

Quotes for lock:

  1. I come to urge my party to be open to debate and discussion; to move away from a lock -step litmus test which advocates abortion on demand in an effort to reach a broader national consensus. - Robert Casey
  2. Saddam's fate should be in the hands of his country men. They were the major victims of his brutal reign and should decide his life, death, or permanent imprisonment. Personally, I would lock him away forever. - Ronnie James Dio
  3. Prayer: the key of the day and the lock of the night. - Thomas Fuller
  4. They're now turning those seeds into intellectual property, so they have a virtual lock on the seeds upon which we all depend for our food and survival. - Jeremy Rifkin
  5. He also didn't like a lock of my hair and said that he couldn't get into the moment without the hair being just right. I quietly knew that he was anxious and that the hairdo wasn't the real issue. But we all let it go and came back to the scene sometime later. - Madeleine Stowe

Rhymes for lock:

  1. antiknock, interlock, overstock.
  2. bach, bloc, bloch, block, blok, boch, bock, bok, broc, brock, brok, caulk, chalk, chock, chok, clock, croc, crock, doc, dock, floc, flock, frock, glock, haak, hoc, hoch, hock, jacques, jock, kloc, knock, kok, kroc, krock, loch, locke, lok, mach, mock, mok, nock, och, poch, pock, roc, roch, rock, schlock, shock, smock, sock, sok, spock, stock, tock, vlok, walk, wok.
  3. bangkok, iraq, isaak, o'clock, restock, undock, unlock.

Idioms for lock:

  1. under lock and key
  2. lock in sth
  3. lock sm or sth up ( smw)
  4. lock ( sm or an animal) ( up) in ( sth)
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