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How To Spell lock?

Correct spelling: lock

What are the misspellings for lock ?

  • lioak,
  • 1lakh,
  • loacal,
  • lookl,
  • rlook,
  • tolook,
  • dealock,
  • lllok,
  • boack,
  • lyk,
  • cloick,
  • looekd,
  • lackie,
  • look,
  • block1,
  • gock,
  • licqor,
  • loookig,
  • 0clock,
  • ilook,
  • looki,
  • linck,
  • loc,
  • licke,
  • loosk,
  • alick,
  • lasck,
  • tocu,
  • locj,
  • loccal,
  • licor,
  • luvky,
  • loikje,
  • boock,
  • loock,
  • alook,
  • luckt,
  • lookm,
  • loack,
  • lcker,
  • klick,
  • worck,
  • luckey,
  • locky,
  • lwork,
  • llike,
  • locat,
  • lakke,
  • liuk,
  • lback,
  • locl,
  • luckiy,
  • loocal,
  • laocl,
  • licour,
  • leiky,
  • leck,
  • llook,
  • tokk,
  • bloack,
  • lackof,
  • blook,
  • llok,
  • luica,
  • focu,
  • look'n,
  • lokve,
  • glyco,
  • lookk,
  • locle,
  • flocke,
  • bloock,
  • blocka,
  • lockec,
  • looka,
  • lockd,
  • nlock,
  • lnik,
  • toulck,
  • lkook,
  • lijk,
  • locve,
  • lukc,
  • flork,
  • elack,
  • lucku,
  • luuck,
  • licth,
  • leook,
  • luckky,
  • ock,
  • loacl,
  • folck,
  • lookig,
  • locak,
  • wlalk,
  • luckly,
  • lopok,
  • loce,
  • vlack.

What is the definition of lock?

  1. a strand or cluster of hair

What does the abbreviation lock mean?


woods; fortified place; pond
Lock as a boy's name is a variant of Locke (Old English, Old German), and the meaning of Lock is "woods; fortified place; pond".

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This graph shows how "lock" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for lock?

  1. I come to urge my party to be open to debate and discussion; to move away from a lock -step litmus test which advocates abortion on demand in an effort to reach a broader national consensus.
  2. Saddam's fate should be in the hands of his country men. They were the major victims of his brutal reign and should decide his life, death, or permanent imprisonment. Personally, I would lock him away forever.
  3. Prayer: the key of the day and the lock of the night.
  4. They're now turning those seeds into intellectual property, so they have a virtual lock on the seeds upon which we all depend for our food and survival.
  5. He also didn't like a lock of my hair and said that he couldn't get into the moment without the hair being just right. I quietly knew that he was anxious and that the hairdo wasn't the real issue. But we all let it go and came back to the scene sometime later.

What are the rhymes for lock?

  1. jock, chalk, bock, haak, flock, roch, kloc, schlock, mock, walk, bloc, sok, hoch, dock, nock, brok, floc, hoc, brock, caulk, roc, chock, knock, chok, clock, spock, pock, jacques, stock, tock, krock, loch, boch, frock, croc, smock, hock, kroc, crock, wok, block, rock, lok, bok, broc, mok, sock, poch, mach, vlok, shock, bloch, locke, kok, och, glock, blok, bach, doc;
  2. o'clock, restock, bangkok, unlock, iraq, isaak, undock;
  3. interlock, overstock, antiknock;

What are the translations for lock?

Afrikaans word for Lock


Arabic word for Lock


Bengali word for Lock


Chinese words for Lock

锁紧, 锁具, 锁上, 锁住, 闭锁, 关紧, 锁掉, 撞锁, 鋂, 锁.

Dutch words for Lock

sluiten, afsluiten, sluis, vergrendeling, vergrendelen, schutsluis.

French words for Lock

fermer, fermeture, bloquer, se bloquer, verrouiller, fermer à clé, écluse, serrure, cadenas, enfermer, caler, verrou, boucle, se verrouiller, cadenasser, obturer, sas.

German words for Lock

Einschlag, feststellen, sichern, einrasten, verriegeln, blockieren, sperren, Riegel, Slot, Verschluss, absperren, arretieren, Sperre, Schloss, Verriegelung, Locke, schleusen, Schleuse, Türschloss, Haarlocke, Wendekreis, Siel, Fesselgriff, zuschließen, zusperren.

Greek word for Lock


Hindi word for Lock


Italian word for Lock


Japanese words for Lock

ロック, 錠, 鎖, 錠前, 鍵をかける, ふさげ, かぎをかける, かけがね, じょうまえ, 錠を下ろす, 房毛, 鍵を掛ける, じょうをおろす.

Javanese word for Lock


Korean word for Lock


Malay word for Lock


Marathi word for Lock

लॉक करा.

Polish words for Lock

zamek, blokada, zatrzask, zapięcie, pukiel, kędzior, lok.

Portuguese words for Lock

trinco, bloqueio, fechadura, trava, trancar, travar, fixar, fecho, cadeado, eclusa, comporta.

Russian words for Lock

блокировка, затвор, замочек, запор.

Spanish words for Lock

fijar, seguro, dispositivo, cerrar, bucle, cerrojo, cerradura, bloqueo, esclusa, bloquearse, cerrar con llave, fechar, bloquear, cierre, mecha, prender, entrelazar, trabar, traba, candado, clausurar.

Swedish word for Lock


Tamil word for Lock


Turkish word for Lock


Vietnamese word for Lock

khóa cửa.