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How To Spell look?

Correct spelling: look

What does the abbreviation look mean?

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What are the rhymes for look?

  1. schnook, rook, brooke, flook, stroock, hooke, book, brook, cook, crook, nook, crooke, shook, hook, snook, cooke, took;
  2. chinook, mistook, forsook, retook, rebook, precook, kirkuk, unhook;
  3. undertook, overcook, undercook, overtook;
  4. gobbledygook;

What are the translations for look?

Afrikaans word for Look


Arabic word for Look


Chinese words for Look

形, 神, 神色, 面目, 外观设计, 神情, 举目, 觑视.

Dutch words for Look

blik, kijken, uiterlijk, uitstraling, aanblik, gezichtsuitdrukking.

French words for Look

allure, aspect, regard, style, regarder, sembler, paraître, avoir l'air, apparence, expression, ver.

German words for Look

Betrachtung, Design, Ausstrahlung, suchen, Erscheinungsbild, Blick, sehen, Image, Anblick, gucken, schauen, blicken, Look, Miene, nachschauen, nachschlagen, hinsehen, ausschauen, hinschauen, anblicken, hinblicken, sich ausnehmen, nachsuchen, kieken, Optik, Augenaufschlag, Verse.

Hindi word for Look


Italian words for Look

aspetto, sguardo, occhiata.

Japanese words for Look

見る, 色, 一見, 視線, 観る, 眼, ちょっと見, みえる, 看板, 面持ち, かお, かん, 目付き, めがお, 御覧になる, めんぼく, 御覧に成る, つらつき, がいかんとかんしょく, 目指, 面構, めづら, 看す, いろ, 面構え, 眼付き, 目顔, 相, ちょっとみ, 風体, まみ, 外観と感触, ふうたい.

Javanese word for Look


Korean word for Look


Malay word for Look


Marathi word for Look


Norwegian word for Look


Polish words for Look

wyglądać, patrzeć, prezentować się, popatrzeć, spojrzenie, bąk.

Portuguese words for Look

olhar, olhada, semblante, imagem, visual, olhadela.

Romanian word for Look


Russian words for Look

взгляд, облик, наружность, посмотреть, глядеть.

Spanish words for Look

estilo, observar, buscar, mirar, vista, parecer, mirada, apariencia, aspecto, vistazo, imagen, pinta, ojeada.

Tamil word for Look


Vietnamese word for Look

cái nhìn.