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How To Spell looks?

Correct spelling: looks

What are the misspellings for looks ?

  • looksed,
  • lookss,
  • loock,
  • sooks,
  • looka,
  • loos,
  • limks,
  • luxory,
  • lkooks,
  • looik,
  • looekd,
  • loinks,
  • lkook,
  • llook,
  • leook,
  • laksmi,
  • lookes,
  • lllok,
  • cloors,
  • loooks,
  • alokz,
  • looku,
  • loors,
  • lookos,
  • lookse,
  • liqors,
  • loosk,
  • lookst,
  • loocks,
  • gools,
  • lo0oked,
  • lynks,
  • lokks,
  • blooks,
  • lookey,
  • lookj,
  • loosse,
  • lookis,
  • likse,
  • wlaks,
  • luxiouous,
  • looki,
  • lonekess,
  • llooks,
  • locas,
  • lecks,
  • bookss,
  • volks,
  • loookig,
  • loooked,
  • lookds,
  • locols,
  • lkoss,
  • lookk,
  • bloocks,
  • boocks,
  • lookked,
  • lokesh,
  • lookover,
  • looket,
  • lerks,
  • lfoors,
  • lookesd,
  • thelooks,
  • lookws,
  • lookg,
  • florks,
  • tolks,
  • llikes,
  • lookat,
  • lookm,
  • oleks,
  • lookfor,
  • loggs,
  • looke,
  • lonks,
  • lokota,
  • helooks,
  • lokcs,
  • liikes,
  • vooks,
  • looes,
  • lookof,
  • luxom,
  • loks,
  • look'n,
  • loikje,
  • lookl,
  • looksat,
  • looss,
  • lools,
  • look,
  • locos,
  • lnks,
  • boooks,
  • lokos,
  • logoffs,
  • llok,
  • lookn,
  • lookig.

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This graph shows how "looks" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for looks?

  1. I thought this must be what God looks like.
  2. He who follows his lessons tastes a profound peace, and looks upon everybody as a bunch of manure.
  3. My work looks like a comic book in form, but it's not a typical comic book in content. I write autobiographical stuff.
  4. I think a good MP is someone who cares for their community and becomes their champion, which is why I will make my home in any seat I am lucky enough to be selected for. Looks play no part in the equation, what matters is your ideas and connecting them to the electorate.
  5. I don't feel the obligation to have a big explosion in the first 20 seconds so the audience doesn't turn on another channel. We are trying to make something that looks like a feature film that was bought for television and I think we are succeeding.

What are the rhymes for looks?

  1. hooks, brookes, schnooks, books, snooks, nooks, rooks, brooks, crooks, cooks;
  2. chinooks;

What are the translations for looks?

Afrikaans word for Looks


Arabic word for Looks


Chinese words for Looks

外观, 样子, 姿, 貌相, 容貌, 人才, 姿容.

Dutch word for Looks


French word for Looks


German words for Looks

Aussehen, Blicke, Anblicke.

Italian word for Looks


Japanese words for Looks

ルックス, 容貌, 気色, 見目, 容顔, かおだち, きしょく, 顔立ち, 顔形, 目鼻立, がんよう, 人体, ふうぼう, 器量, 容色, 血相, めんぼう, かおかたち, 相貌, 顔かたち, めんそう, じんてい, にんてい, 顔だち, びもく, めんてい, 俤, 面差, にんそう, 縹緻, ようぼう, 人相, おもざし, 風貌, かおだて, 面体, みめかたち, 見目形, ようがん, 面相, おもかげ, きりょう, 顔立て, 目鼻立ち, 面貌, そうぼう.

Javanese word for Looks


Korean word for Looks


Malay word for Looks


Marathi word for Looks


Portuguese word for Looks


Romanian word for Looks


Spanish words for Looks

apariencia, aspecto, imagen, miradas.

Swedish word for Looks


Turkish word for Looks


Ukrainian word for Looks