How To Spell loop?

Correct spelling: loop

What does the abbreviation loop mean?

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What are the rhymes for loop?

  1. doupe, loupe, droop, scoop, soup, koop, croup, lupe, snoop, sloop, coupe, troupe, houp, stoup, loup, hoop, roop, swoope, boop, stoop, shoop, dupe, goop, troop, whoop, drupe, group, coop, swoop;
  2. arup, recoup, regroup;
  3. guadalupe, guadeloupe;

What are the translations for loop?

Arabic word for Loop


Bengali word for Loop


Chinese word for Loop


Dutch words for Loop

lus, bocht.

French words for Loop

anse, circuit, bouclage, anneau, nouer, boucle, boucler, volte.

German words for Loop

wiederholen, Loop, Schleife, Schlaufe, Looping, schlingen, Spirale, Masche, Kreislauf, Lasche, Öse, Schlinge, Programmschleife, Ringleitung, Rahmenantenne, sich schlingen, sich winden, eine Schleife bilden, in Schleifen legen, Schleifen ausführen, in eine Schleife legen, Passant.

Greek word for Loop


Italian words for Loop

anello, cerchio, cappio, circuito elettrico.

Japanese words for Loop

ループ, かんじょうネットワーク, 環状網, かんじょうもう, 環状ネットワーク.

Korean word for Loop

고리 모양.

Malay word for Loop


Marathi word for Loop


Norwegian word for Loop


Polish words for Loop

pętla, oczko, szlufka.

Portuguese words for Loop

laço, malha, volta, argola, repetição, círculo, iteração.

Spanish words for Loop

etapa, bucle, lazo, circuito, ciclo, presilla, rizo, curva, vuelta, espira, anillo.

Tamil word for Loop


Turkish word for Loop


Vietnamese word for Loop

vòng lặp.