How To Spell lord?

Correct spelling: lord

What are the common typos for lord?

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What is the definition of lord?

  1. make a lord of someone

What does the abbreviation lord mean?


Lord as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Lord is "loaf-keeper". In modern terms, someone with power and authority. See also Earl and Duke. Actor Jack Lord.

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This graph shows how "lord" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for lord?

  1. horde, sword, snored, roared, gourd, hoard, fjord, verwoerd, stored, ord, bored, mord, ignored, deplored, gored, ward, oared, cored, restored, toward, ford, nord, forde, shored, warred, pored, reward, outscored, floored, warde, soared, cord, poured, reboard, explored, soard, scored, chord, board, implored, record;
  2. adored, accord, aboard, acord, award, afford, abhorred;
  3. underscored, prerecord, untoward, unexplored;

What are the translations for lord?

Afrikaans word for Lord


Arabic word for Lord


Chinese words for Lord

主, 上帝.

Danish word for Lord


Dutch words for Lord

meester, heerser, heerschap.

French words for Lord

Monsieur, seigneur.

German words for Lord

Herr, Gebieter, Gott, Lord, Heer, Herrgott, adeliger Herr.

Japanese words for Lord

卿, 御屋形様, 御館様, 侯, おやかたさま, しゅくん, 主君, みこと.

Javanese word for Lord


Marathi word for Lord


Polish word for Lord


Portuguese word for Lord


Russian words for Lord

лорд, властелин, Господь, повелитель.

Spanish word for Lord


Tamil word for Lord


Ukrainian word for Lord


Vietnamese word for Lord