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Correct spelling: Lou


Lou \lou\

famous warrior
Lou as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Lou), is a variant of Lewis (English) and Louis (French, Old German), and the meaning of Lou is "famous warrior".
Lowe, Lee, Leo, Lea, Le, Lew, Loew, Louie, La-, Le-, Lleu.

Lou \lou\

Lou as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Lou). Short form of Louann. Often used in blends such as Louann, Mary Lou, Louella.
Related names:
Luella, Louise, Lucy, Luana.
Lea, Lee, Lois, Lia, La-.
Loulou, Lu, Louanna, Louanne, Louella.

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Examples of usage for Lou:

  1. Lou Meyer's Rathskeller hasn't anything on us, and he charges a dollar a week more. "I Walked in Arden" , Jack Crawford.
  2. Drawings by Iva Lou Wildey. "U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1962 July - December" , U.S. Copyright Office.
  3. Mrs. Ranger's little girl always calls her mother Lou." "Julia The Apostate" , Josephine Daskam.

Quotes for Lou:

  1. Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees are so famous for Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, all of those guys. - Bert Campaneris
  2. Emmy Lou Harris introduced me to the work of the Vietnam Veterans of America foundation and the Campaign for a Land Mine Free World. - Mary Chapin Carpenter
  3. If the record was picked up by Dot Records, I would imagine that they would have wanted both sides of the record to be something by Lou alone which would account for the dropping of "So Blue". - Phil Harris
  4. Lou Grant was pretty much always Lou Grant. - Mary Tyler Moore
  5. People said that way back in the early days I was probably one of the first rappers; the reason is that I couldn't sing, so I had to talk! Lou Reed was probably the one who started it all. - Alan Vega

Rhymes for Lou:

  1. abou, accrue, adieu, ado, ague, anew, askew, babu, baku, bamboo, c2, canoe, cat-2, cebu, construe, debut, ensue, eschew, fitzhugh, fondue, imbue, into, kazoo, kwangju, larue, leroux, liou, m2, mchugh, miscue, outdo, outgrew, perdue, peru, purdue, pursue, ragu, redo, renew, reto, review, revue, shampoo, subdue, taboo, tattoo, tatu, undo, undue, unglue, untrue, urdu, wahoo, withdrew, zanu.
  2. beu, bleu, blew, blue, boo, brew, chew, chiu, chou, chu, clue, coo, cou, coup, coups, crew, crewe, cue, dew, do, doo, douwe, drew, dru, du, due, ewe, few, flew, flu, flue, foo, fu, glew, glue, gnu, goo, grew, gu, gue, hew, hewe, hoo, hou, hsu, hu, hue, hugh, jew, joo, ju, jue, kew, knew, koo, ku, kyu, leu, lew, lieu, liu, loo, lu, lue, mew, moo, mu, new, nu, ooh, ou, pew, phew, phu, poo, pooh, pou, pru, prue, pu, pugh, q, qu, que, queue, rew, ru, rue, screw, shew, shoe, shoo, shrew, shu, siew, sioux, skew, slew, soo, spew, stew, strew, stu, su, sue, tew, thew, threw, through, thru, thuy, too, trew, true, tu, tue, two, u, uwe, view, vu, vue, whew, who, woo, wu, xu, xue, yew, yoo, you, yu, yue, zhou, zhu, zoo, zue.
  3. byu, depardieu, hitherto, iou, isu, kangaroo, katmandu, misconstrue, overdo, overdue, overthrew, suu, timbuktu.
  4. dfw.
  5. hullabaloo, kalamazoo.
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