How To Spell love?

Correct spelling: love

What is the definition of love?

  1. get pleasure from; "I love cooking"

What does the abbreviation love mean?


love, affection
Love as a girl's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Love is "love, affection". Surname. Singer Courtney Love.
  • Loveday,
  • Lovella,
  • Lovey.

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This graph shows how "love" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for love?

  1. glove, shove, dove, gov, of;
  2. thereof, belove, above;

What are the translations for love?

Arabic word for Love


Bengali word for Love


Dutch words for Love

min, liefde, liefhebben, beminnen, liefje, geliefde, verliefdheid, genegenheid, op verzot zijn, van houden, op gek zijn, op dol zijn.

French words for Love

d'amour, amour, nul.

German words for Love

lieben, gern mögen, Liebling, Liebe, Schatz, Amor.

Italian word for Love


Japanese words for Love

恋, ラブ, 愛する, 恋する, ラヴ, 愛好, 慈しみ, 愛す, こい, あいじょう, れんあい, じあい, おもい, あいちゃく, こいなさけ, 恋う, あいぼ, じんあい, 哀しみ, いとおしむ, れんじょう, 思召, 慈しむ, 恋慕, つや, いつくしむ, 仁愛, 愛慕, 恋情, 恩愛, れんちゃく, こいなか, おぼしめし, あいじゃく, おんあい.

Javanese word for Love


Norwegian word for Love


Portuguese words for Love

gostar, carinho, paixão.

Romanian word for Love


Russian words for Love

любить, находить удовольствие.

Spanish words for Love

querer, cinta, pasión, cariño, afición, amar, encantar, adorar, amado.

Swedish word for Love


Tamil word for Love


Ukrainian word for Love


Vietnamese word for Love

tình yêu.