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What is the definition of lovely?

  1. appealing to the emotions as well as the eye


Lovely as a girl's name.

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What are the translations for lovely?

Afrikaans word for Lovely


Arabic word for Lovely


Bengali word for Lovely


Dutch words for Lovely

lief, aardig, mooi, leuk, lekker, heerlijk, enig, betoverend, knap, schoon, schitterend, fraai, aangenaam, aantrekkelijk, beeldschoon, lieftallig, lieflijk, beminnelijk, genoeglijk, zalig, beeldig, bekoorlijk.

French words for Lovely

beau, magnifique, joli, agréable, délicieux, adorable, aimable, superbe, ravissant, bonne, sympathique.

German words for Lovely

Bon, toll, nett, lieblich, angenehm, hold, wunderschön, herrlich, reizend, wunderbar, niedlich, herzig, bezaubernd, prächtig, reizvoll, sehenswert, wundervoll, wunderhübsch, zauberhaft, charmant, betörend, wonnig, goldig, entzückend, allerliebst, anmutig, anmutvoll, schattig.

Japanese words for Lovely

美しい, かわいい, 可愛らしい, ラブリー, 麗しい, かわいらしい, 愛し, 労たし, あいきょうらしい, いとおしい, ろうたし, いとしい, 愛おしい, めんこい, 愛敬らしい.

Korean word for Lovely

아주 매력적인.

Malay word for Lovely


Norwegian word for Lovely


Polish words for Lovely

uroczy, rozkoszny, ładny, śliczny.

Portuguese words for Lovely

belo, maravilhoso, atraente, linda, doce, espetacular, harmonioso, adorável, charmosa.

Russian word for Lovely


Spanish words for Lovely

excelente, agradable, bonito, precioso, lindo, mono, hermoso, bello, guapo, maravilloso, dulce, encantador, deslumbrante, deslumbrantes, amoroso.

Swedish word for Lovely


Ukrainian word for Lovely