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Correct spelling: luminous

Definition of luminous:

  1. Luminousness.
  2. Emitting light; bright; clear; lucid; perspicuous.

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Quotes for luminous:

  1. Direct observation of the luminous essence of nature is for me indispensable.
  2. The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.
  3. My aim in painting is to create pulsating, luminous, and open surfaces that emanate a mystic light, in accordance with my deepest insight into the experience of life and nature.
  4. At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear. It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us. You can love completely without complete understanding.
  5. A beam of luminous hydrogen canal rays has, owing to its velocity, exactly the same direction as that of the electric field in which it may be made to move.

Rhymes for luminous:

  1. humanists;
  2. voluminous, bituminous;