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Correct spelling: mach


Common misspellings for mach:

mah, macht, mached, machr, anofe, mech, mch, mauch, mcuh, mache, mtach, macth, mrach, moch.

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This graph shows how "mach" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for mach:

  1. It is believed to date back to the days of James I.:- " Tomorrowe being Thursdaie shalbe seen at the Bear- gardin on the banckside a greate mach plaid by the gamsters of Essex, who hath chalenged all comers whatsoever to plaie v dogs at the single beare for v pounds, and also to wearie a bull dead at the stake; and for your better content shall have plasent sport with the horse and ape and whiping of the blind beare. "England in the Days of Old" , William Andrews.

Rhymes for mach:

  1. antiknock, interlock, overstock.
  2. bach, bloc, bloch, block, blok, boch, bock, bok, broc, brock, brok, caulk, chalk, chock, chok, clock, croc, crock, doc, dock, floc, flock, frock, glock, haak, hoc, hoch, hock, jacques, jock, kloc, knock, kok, kroc, krock, loch, lock, locke, lok, mock, mok, nock, och, poch, pock, roc, roch, rock, schlock, shock, smock, sock, sok, spock, stock, tock, vlok, walk, wok.
  3. bangkok, iraq, isaak, o'clock, restock, undock, unlock.
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