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How To Spell machine?

Correct spelling: machine

List of misspellings for machine:

  • matchign,
  • marchent,
  • mchine,
  • machies,
  • marishino,
  • machinen,
  • machien,
  • machinrey,
  • marachino,
  • macahine,
  • machinerry,
  • michief,
  • morhine,
  • mediachan,
  • machuka,
  • achin,
  • mechani,
  • machime,
  • mahine,
  • machenary,
  • machade,
  • machiner,
  • michlin,
  • macheince,
  • michagen,
  • machin,
  • magaine,
  • matchng,
  • matiance,
  • macheinery,
  • michingan,
  • mchee,
  • maching,
  • macain,
  • mechened,
  • machnic,
  • machetie,
  • machnes,
  • marchingg,
  • magaeine,
  • meachine,
  • machene,
  • muching,
  • maitiance,
  • michine,
  • macine,
  • michigna,
  • machienery,
  • marshino,
  • machiness,
  • kachina,
  • macheine,
  • machinry,
  • mitchin,
  • mahing,
  • mccune,
  • methine,
  • achne,
  • macing,
  • matchines,
  • smaching,
  • marshing,
  • moching,
  • machins,
  • machenis,
  • machinew,
  • muchine,
  • katchina,
  • mechinery,
  • machore,
  • melachony,
  • manchen,
  • nachine,
  • maitching,
  • munchin,
  • mishun,
  • machens,
  • mucian,
  • manchion,
  • marthin,
  • marchig,
  • mechanine,
  • amachine,
  • mathon,
  • mochachino,
  • matchin,
  • matiching,
  • marchine,
  • machniery,
  • maachines,
  • mechina,
  • michgain,
  • michkhun,
  • zuchini,
  • vachon,
  • mooshine,
  • michian,
  • machinac,
  • meachen,
  • smashin.

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La Machine


Commune in France

La Machine is a commune in the Nièvre department in central France.

Meat Machine



Meat Machine is a band.

Spanking Machine


Album by Babes in Toyland

Spanking Machine is the debut album by American punk rock band Babes in Toyland, released in 1990.

Troy Graham


American professional wrestler

Troy Rolland Thompson Jr. was an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring names Troy Graham and The Dream Machine.

Vyatskiye Polyany Machine-Building Plant



Vyatskiye Polyany Molot Machine-Building Plant is a Russian company based in Vyatskiye Polyany. The plant manufactures rifles and shotguns, and is a subsidiary of Rostec. It is one of the largest companies in Kirov Oblast. Molot was established in 1940, and was originally based in Zagorsk, Moscow Oblast. It was the main manufacturer of the PPSh-41 submachine gun. In 1941 the plant was evacuated to Vyatskiye Polyany with its workers, including G. S. Shpagin and N. F. Makarov, designer of the eponymous Makarov pistol. In the 1950s the plant manufactured the Vyatka motor scooter.

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Quotes for machine:

  1. Smash the control images. Smash the control machine.
  2. In a recent decision of the Supreme Court, not made, however, by the full court, and concurred in by only four justices, it was held that the seller of a patented mimeograph could bind the purchaser to use only his ink in the machine, though the ink was not patented.
  3. Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.
  4. When I was growing up, it was 'Communists'. Now it's 'Terrorists'. So you always have to have somebody to fight and be afraid of, so the war machine can build more bombs, guns, and bullets and everything.
  5. One of the Life Saving men snapped the camera for us, taking a picture just as the machine had reached the end of the track and had risen to a height of about two feet.

Rhymes for machine:

  1. mien, jeanne, sheen, gene, keen, jeane, screen, plein, meine, mclean, lien, wien, treen, seen, scene, keane, cian, freen, lean, deen, breen, deane, lene, glean, queen, nene, wein, leen, steen, kean, bean, frean, jean, gean, preen, haen, green, mean, skene, dean, keene, wean, teen, greene, clean, spleen;
  2. clymene, alene, levine, ravine, corinne, cuisine, moline, francine, kathleen, serene, sardine, colleen, jolene, thirteen, noreen, coleen, salin, casein, joaquin, canteen, charlene, umpteen, unclean, baleen, laurene, sabine, myrlene, cathleen, sharleen, helene, caffeine, benzene, fifteen, charleen, demean, agin, janine, kristine, wileen, ameen, between, ardeen, jeanine, philene, deneen, ireene, sixteen, racine, laureen, aleen, shirleen, latrine, celine, marleen, preteen, sunscreen, claudine, moreen, killeen, pauline, eileen, saline, seguin, sistine, selene, amin, nadine, careen, marine, lorene, eighteen, georgine, fourteen, onscreen, aileen, charline, irene, marleene, lurleen, unseen, carleen, medin, convene, marcin, foreseen, chretien, slovene, crimean, vaccine, christine, feldene, martine, eugene, sarene, maureen, aldin, arleen, doreen, citrine, lamine, nineteen, justine, maxine, obscene;
  3. submarine, madelene, intervene, unforeseen, valentin, tangerine, gelatine, geraldine, wolverine, augustin, propylene, hallowe'en, seventeen, tambourine, benyamin, trampoline, halloween, smithereen, bernadine, reconvene, figurine;
  4. aquamarine, mujahideen, mujahedeen;

Translations for machine:

Afrikaans word for Machine


Arabic word for Machine


Bengali word for Machine


Chinese words for Machine

机床, 机械, 加工机, 车, 机器.

Dutch words for Machine

automaat, toestel, apparaat.

French words for Machine

appareil, engin, machine.

German words for Machine

bearbeiten, maschinell, spanen, Maschine, Zerspanen, maschinell herstellen, maschinell bearbeiten, mit Maschinen bearbeiten, abspanen.

Italian word for Machine


Javanese word for Machine


Korean word for Machine


Marathi word for Machine


Polish word for Machine


Russian words for Machine

машина, станок, автомат, машинный.

Swedish word for Machine


Turkish word for Machine