How To Spell maid?

Correct spelling: maid

What is the definition of maid?

  1. A female servant.

What does the abbreviation maid mean?

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What are the translations for maid?

Afrikaans word for Maid


Arabic word for Maid


Chinese words for Maid

女仆, 佣人.

Dutch words for Maid

meid, dienstmeid, huishoudster, kamermeisje, dienstmeisje, werkster.

French words for Maid

domestique, bonne, femme de ménage, femme de chambre, servante.

German words for Maid

Hausangestellte, Mädchen, Magd, Dienstmädchen, Maid, Dienerin, Dienstmagd, Zofe, Stubenmädchen, Hausmädchen, Zimmermädchen, Putzfrau, Mägdelein, Minna.

Italian word for Maid


Japanese words for Maid

メイド, 侍女, 家政婦, お手伝いさん, おてつだいさん, メード, こまづかい, 家事手伝い, そばづかえ, かせいふ, 側仕え, 小間使, かじてつだい, 小間使い.

Norwegian word for Maid


Polish word for Maid


Portuguese words for Maid

empregada, camareira, arrumadeira, faxineira, doméstica, serva, governanta, donzela, serviçal, servente.

Spanish words for Maid

criada, sirvienta, doncella, mucama, camarera, empleada doméstica, asistenta, chacha, mesera.