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How To Spell main?

Correct spelling: main

Definition of main:

  1. Hand.

List of misspellings for main:

  • mayn,
  • mainia,
  • marthin,
  • macine,
  • maping,
  • milin,
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  • mais,
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What does the abbreviation main mean?

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Main Balwaan


1986 film

Main Balwaan is a 1986 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Mukul S. Anand, starring Dharmendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Utpal Dutt, Rita Bhaduri, Suresh Oberoi and Raza Murad.

Main Street–Science World station


Railway station

Main Street–Science World is an elevated station on the Expo Line of the SkyTrain system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Taipei Main station


Railway station

Taipei Main station is a terminus of the Taoyuan Airport MRT in Taipei, Taiwan. Located roughly 250 metres west of Taipei railway station and 300 metres east of Beimen Station, the station is connected to the Taipei Railway Station through a 115 metres long underground walkway, and to Beimen Station through another underground walkway.

Tu Tu Main Main


Indian sitcom

Tu Tu Main Main is an Indian sitcom television series which originally aired on DD Metro and later STAR Plus directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar. The title Tu Tu Main Main is a phrase in Hindi meaning arguments and bickering. The series was first premiered on Doordarshan's DD Metro Channel, where it ended in 1995. Thereafter it was taken up by STAR Plus in 1996. Later it was dubbed in Tamil as Bhama Vijayam on Raj TV. A sequel series with same themes and extended cast, also directed by Sachin. Kadvee Khattee Meethi aired on STAR One in 2006.

Uetsu Main Line


Transit line

The Uetsu Main Line is a railway line in the Tohoku and Chubu regions of Japan. Part of the East Japan Railway Company system, it connects Niitsu Station in the city of Niigata and Akita Station in Akita.

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Rhymes for main:

  1. lorraine, laraine, elaine, dwayne, grain, regain, retrain, duwayne, sustain, vane, gain, shaine, bane, jain, preordain, terrain, mccain, feign, mane, cocaine, lorain, explain, obtain, paine, tremaine, germain, domain, dewayne, moraine, spain, blain, urbain, delaine, wane, thayne, twain, hussein, jermaine, drain, hain, charmain, fane, fraine, caine, strain, hane, contain, kane, blane, biscayne, wayne, remain, swayne, germane, germaine, reign, shayne, maclean, attain, thane, sane, constrain, sylvain, disdain, duane, mclean, dane, cheyne, romaine, jane, jayne, spokane, retain, pertain, ordain, dayne, refrain, dain, champaign, vein, thaine, inane, wain, frayn, arraign, shane, rein, sain, insane, elayne, demain, brain, kayne, champagne, fein, rogaine, heyne, ln, lain, swain, bayne, vain, cane, kaine, layne, fain, payne, detain, urbane, crain, cain, arcane, fontaine, kahane, craine, champlain, devane, train, rain, maintain, butane, chain, mcclain, sprain, complain, loraine, swaine, humane, profane, mundane, restrain, ayn, pane, plane, deign, romain, duquesne, raine, aine, pain, trane, lane, zane, crayne, plain, reine, draine, slane, freyne, blaine, blayne, mayne, hussain, bain, bahrain, slain, charmaine, rayne, ingrain, frayne, charlayne, frane, ukraine, elane, iain, laine, stain, kain, crane, maine, campaign, duan;
  2. alayne, amain, alaine, alane, allain, abstain, again, alain;
  3. inhumane, ascertain, aquitaine, entertain;
  4. legerdemain;

Translations for main:

Afrikaans word for Main


Bengali word for Main


Dutch words for Main

hoofd, voornaamste, belangrijkst.

French words for Main

principal, fondamental, général, centrale, majeur, primaire, capital, essentiel, main, central, crucial, phares, prioritaires, majoritaire.

German words for Main

Leitung, global, vital, fundamental, vorwiegend, wichtigst..., national, Leitungsrohr, primordial, Premier.

Hindi word for Main


Italian words for Main

grande, principale.

Japanese words for Main

メイン, 主な, 主要, 主たる, メインページ, メーン, 立て, 肝心, しゅたる, かんじん, しょうめん, 肝腎.

Javanese word for Main


Korean word for Main


Malay word for Main


Norwegian word for Main


Portuguese words for Main

principais, maior, relevantes, primário, primeira, essencial, primeiras, centrais, prioritários, majoritária, primeiros.

Spanish words for Main

importante, mayor, importantes, más importante, esencial.