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How To Spell maintain?

Correct spelling: maintain

Definition of maintain:

  1. state or assert; "He maintained his innocence"

List of misspellings for maintain:

  • mainteained,
  • maintian,
  • mantine,
  • maintaion,
  • meintaince,
  • maintancae,
  • mounatin,
  • maintainess,
  • maintainning,
  • mainiting,
  • maintanice,
  • mintaing,
  • mantains,
  • mopuntain,
  • mantance,
  • maountain,
  • maintaint,
  • sanitaion,
  • mantan,
  • matain,
  • maintauined,
  • mainatained,
  • maintinece,
  • mundaine,
  • mentin,
  • maintance,
  • moantains,
  • mainteance,
  • montain,
  • moantein,
  • maintaned,
  • mainteining,
  • mainitan,
  • maintaina,
  • maintence,
  • manitiba,
  • maintanace,
  • mentiuon,
  • meinteined,
  • maintnace,
  • miantaining,
  • mainatence,
  • maintannace,
  • maintans,
  • maintiaing,
  • manikan,
  • muntains,
  • maintin,
  • mainting,
  • maniquin,
  • mantain,
  • manintain,
  • mantaing,
  • mainained,
  • maintinng,
  • mainteanace,
  • mainatined,
  • mainaing,
  • minumin,
  • mainain,
  • monitoing,
  • humanitaian,
  • moutnain,
  • maintannce,
  • mouintain,
  • maintainedat,
  • mentoin,
  • mountin,
  • manadating,
  • maintainin,
  • mantaning,
  • mentany,
  • maientence,
  • maintinace,
  • cantain,
  • mentien,
  • mintune,
  • maninting,
  • maintaince,
  • meniton,
  • minamun,
  • amountain,
  • maintainned,
  • montan,
  • manahttan,
  • maintennce,
  • mantaince,
  • mundain,
  • mantained,
  • matintain,
  • maintainging,
  • mantince,
  • mainatin,
  • mointain,
  • minimin,
  • manintaing,
  • meantine,
  • maintanane,
  • mentuion,
  • manhaten.

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Rhymes for maintain:

  1. spain, cain, stain, wayne, detain, rogaine, feign, sprain, kane, duane, main, butane, loraine, blain, terrain, pertain, inane, hussein, thayne, campaign, hane, paine, heyne, retrain, swain, slane, payne, reine, crain, wane, jermaine, charmaine, moraine, urbain, kaine, duwayne, romain, lane, brain, charlayne, ukraine, vein, mccain, sain, profane, ingrain, blane, reign, rein, shayne, urbane, dayne, mcclain, blaine, mayne, raine, twain, bain, aine, shane, mane, bayne, crane, arcane, cocaine, rain, devane, rayne, freyne, zane, demain, jain, jayne, dain, layne, elaine, blayne, constrain, humane, sane, jane, dwayne, delaine, fain, attain, restrain, domain, strain, duquesne, insane, explain, draine, frayne, vane, disdain, trane, lain, slain, iain, pain, fein, dewayne, fontaine, lorain, thane, grain, vain, plane, tremaine, thaine, craine, charmain, bane, shaine, hussain, kain, kayne, frayn, retain, remain, arraign, elayne, refrain, sustain, regain, duan, fraine, obtain, bahrain, cane, plain, contain, biscayne, laraine, spokane, germane, mundane, hain, champaign, dane, chain, elane, pane, gain, cheyne, sylvain, lorraine, caine, wain, maine, complain, swayne, romaine, fane, ordain, crayne, champagne, preordain, deign, ayn, kahane, germaine, mclean, swaine, drain, ln, frane, champlain, germain, maclean, train, laine;
  2. again, allain, alayne, alane, amain, abstain, alaine, alain;
  3. entertain, aquitaine, inhumane, ascertain;
  4. legerdemain;

Translations for maintain:

Afrikaans word for Maintain


Arabic word for Maintain


Chinese words for Maintain

持, 保持, 保全, 赡养, 保养, 秉, 维系, 养护.

Dutch words for Maintain

onderhouden, bewaren, aanhouden, behouden, handhaven, volhouden, op peil houden.

French words for Maintain

soutenir, assurer, garantir, pourvoir, entretenir, maintenir, poursuivre, respecter, conserver, préserver, garder, persister, subvenir aux besoins de.

German words for Maintain

behaupten, erhalten, betreiben, aufrechterhalten, warten, bewahren, pflegen, behalten, unterhalten, Einhalten, bleiben, wahren, instand halten, verwalten, lassen, beibehalten, betreuen.

Greek word for Maintain


Hindi word for Maintain

बनाए रखने के.

Italian word for Maintain


Japanese words for Maintain

保ち続ける, 持ち続ける, たもちつづける, 保ちつづける, もちつづける.

Javanese word for Maintain


Malay word for Maintain


Marathi word for Maintain

राखून ठेवा.

Norwegian word for Maintain


Portuguese words for Maintain

continuar, respeitar, manter, fazer manutenção em.

Spanish words for Maintain

apoyar, mantener, tener, sostener, llevar, guardar, conservar, poseer, afirmar, costear, sustentar, salvaguardar, preservar.

Tamil word for Maintain


Ukrainian word for Maintain


Vietnamese word for Maintain

duy trì.