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Correct spelling: maintain

Definition of maintain:

  1. To hold, preserve, or keep in state; to hold; to keep up; to continue; to support; to defend; to vindicate; to support by assertion or argument.
  2. To affirm a position; to assert.

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Rhymes for maintain:

  1. spain, cain, stain, wayne, detain, rogaine, feign, sprain, kane, duane, main, butane, loraine, blain, terrain, pertain, inane, hussein, thayne, campaign, hane, paine, heyne, retrain, swain, slane, payne, reine, crain, wane, jermaine, charmaine, moraine, urbain, kaine, duwayne, romain, lane, brain, charlayne, ukraine, vein, mccain, sain, profane, ingrain, blane, reign, rein, shayne, urbane, dayne, mcclain, blaine, mayne, raine, twain, bain, aine, shane, mane, bayne, crane, arcane, cocaine, rain, devane, rayne, freyne, zane, demain, jain, jayne, dain, layne, elaine, blayne, constrain, humane, sane, jane, dwayne, delaine, fain, attain, restrain, domain, strain, duquesne, insane, explain, draine, frayne, vane, disdain, trane, lain, slain, iain, pain, fein, dewayne, fontaine, lorain, thane, grain, vain, plane, tremaine, thaine, craine, charmain, bane, shaine, hussain, kain, kayne, frayn, retain, remain, arraign, elayne, refrain, sustain, regain, duan, fraine, obtain, bahrain, cane, plain, contain, biscayne, laraine, spokane, germane, mundane, hain, champaign, dane, chain, elane, pane, gain, cheyne, sylvain, lorraine, caine, wain, maine, complain, swayne, romaine, fane, ordain, crayne, champagne, preordain, deign, ayn, kahane, germaine, mclean, swaine, drain, ln, frane, champlain, germain, maclean, train, laine;
  2. again, allain, alayne, alane, amain, abstain, alaine, alain;
  3. entertain, aquitaine, inhumane, ascertain;
  4. legerdemain;