How To Spell major?

Correct spelling: major

What does the abbreviation major mean?

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Major as a boy's name is pronounced MAY-jer. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Major is "greater". Surname that is also a military title.

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What are the rhymes for major?

  1. wager, majer, stager, yager, cager, gauger, ager, pager;

What are the translations for major?

Afrikaans word for Major


Bengali word for Major


Chinese words for Major

主要, 重大, 各大.

Dutch words for Major

behoorlijk, ernstig, belangrijk, aanzienlijk, voornaamste, majoor, serieus, zwaar, ingrijpend, omvangrijk, grootschalig.

French words for Major

principal, considérable, grave, notable, majeur, énorme, fondamentale, central, crucial.

German words for Major

wichtig, wesentlich, Kapital, groß, bedeutend, Major, Dur, Hauptfach, erheblich, größer, enorm, vital, flink, fundamental, Determinante, drastisch, primordial.

Greek word for Major


Italian words for Major

grande, principale, notevole, maggiore, considerevole, sostanziale.

Japanese words for Major

メジャー, 少佐, メージャー, くうしょう, 空佐, メイジャー, せんしゅうかもく, 空将, 専修科目, くうさ, 大きい方の.

Malay word for Major


Norwegian word for Major


Polish words for Major

główny, kluczowy, znaczny.

Portuguese words for Major

sério, ampla, forte, grosso, maior, substancial, primário, substanciais, essencial, fulcral, majoritário, consideráveis, avultados, maioritário, importantíssimo.

Russian words for Major

специальность, крупнейший.

Spanish words for Major

destacado, importante, especialidad, comandante, mayor, relevante, significativo, importantes, esencial, decisivo, sustancial, trascendental, preponderante, profunda, muy importante.

Turkish word for Major