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Correct spelling: male

Common misspellings for male:

smale, mnlil, mnanely, mllul, 4mail, mail, 3mile, mmilia.


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This graph shows how "male" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for male:

  1. The young ladies, although they had so long worn male attire, were far from feeling at ease on finding themselves among their countrymen, and they entreated to be led below, to avoid the gaze of the seamen. –  by
  2. A male was a male and a glance was a glance. –  by
  3. If there are even small waves it rolls so much that the female passengers, and sometimes even the male scream. –  by

Rhymes for male:

  1. ail, ale, bail, bale, braille, dail, dale, fail, flail, frail, gael, gale, grail, hail, hale, jail, kail, kale, mail, nail, pail, pale, quail, rail, sail, sale, scale, shale, snail, stale, tail, tale, trail, vale, veil, wail, wale, whale, yale, calle, nale, vail, crail, cale, zale, gail, gayle, daile, dayle, gaile, kael, vaile, haile, maile, reil, balle, cail, quale, rael, raile, salle, they'll;
  2. assail, avail, bewail, carrell, curtail, derail, detail, entail, exhale, impale, inhale, jarrell, prevail, travail, unveil, surveil, cadell, cardell, carvell, gorrell, jerrell, ancell, capell, dorrell, verrell, tirrell, levell, lavell, marcell, mikael, mikhail;
  3. deverell, avenell, averell;