How To Spell mall?

Correct spelling: mall

What is the definition of mall?

  1. A heavy wooden hammer.

What does the abbreviation mall mean?

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What are the rhymes for mall?

  1. haul, bawl, raul, paule, small, paul, gall, wal, crawl, drawl, call, all, nall, shawl, spall, thrall, rawl, tall, maule, pol, awl, lall, maul, brawl, aul, squall, mol, sprawl, scrawl, ball, thall, shaul, stall, sall, krol, faul, hall, dall, gaul, saul, wall;
  2. mccall, withal, metall, install, nepal, recall, antol, befall, forestall, enthral, appall;
  3. luminol, montreal, senegal;

What are the translations for mall?

Arabic word for Mall


Bengali word for Mall


Chinese word for Mall


Dutch words for Mall

centrum, winkelcentrum.

French words for Mall

centre commercial, centre commercial.

German words for Mall

Mal, Allee, Einkaufszentrum, Shopping, Promenade, Einkaufscenter, Einkaufspassage, schattige Promenade.

Greek word for Mall

εμπορικό κέντρο.

Hindi word for Mall


Italian words for Mall

galleria, centro commerciale.

Japanese word for Mall


Javanese word for Mall


Korean word for Mall


Marathi word for Mall


Norwegian word for Mall


Portuguese words for Mall

centro comercial, shopping center, alameda pedestre.

Spanish words for Mall

centro comercial, bulevar, explanada, centro comercial.

Tamil word for Mall


Turkish word for Mall

alışveriş Merkezi.

Vietnamese word for Mall

trung tâm mua sắm.