How To Spell management?

Correct spelling: management

What is the definition of management?

  1. those in charge of running a business

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What are the translations for management?

Bengali word for Management


Dutch words for Management

bestuur, directie, behandeling, beheersing, leiding, beheer, aansturing, bedrijfsvoering.

French words for Management

direction, gestion, contrôle, encadrement, régie.

German words for Management

Leitung, Unternehmen, Organisation, Verwaltung, Handhabung, Management, Vorstand, Geschäftsführung, Geschäftsleitung, Steuerung, Wirtschaft, Unternehmensführung, Führungskräfte, Bewirtschaftung, Betriebsführung, Unternehmensleitung, Direktion, Betriebsleitung, Regie, Unternehmerleistung, Administration, Patronat, Manipulation.

Italian words for Management

gestione, direzione, amministrazione, conduzione.

Japanese words for Management

経営, マネジメント, マネージメント, 幹部, 経理, 管掌, 取締り, 料理, 操縦, 制禦, かんりしょく, メネジメント, 差配, 宰領, べんり, 取り締まり, そうじゅう, せいぎょ, けいり, さいりょう, きりもり, 制馭, 取り締り, かんぶ, りょうり, うんえい, 経営陣.

Javanese word for Management


Malay word for Management


Marathi word for Management


Norwegian word for Management


Polish words for Management

zarząd, zarządzanie, kierownictwo, dyrekcja, gospodarowanie.

Portuguese words for Management

gestão, gerenciamento, de gestão, diretoria, controlo, gerência, chefia, gerenciais, administrativas, gestoras.

Romanian word for Management


Russian word for Management


Spanish words for Management

gestión, dirección, manejo, control, tratamiento, gestora, gerencia, directivos, administrativo, gerencial.

Swedish word for Management


Tamil word for Management


Vietnamese word for Management

ban quản lý.