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Spell Check of manned

Correct spelling: manned


Definition of manned:

  1. Furnished with men.

Common misspellings for manned:

maned, mannred, manared, manerd, mammed.

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This graph shows how "manned" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for manned:

  1. Just as they neared the sides of the ship, several boats, manned by turbaned Moors, were seen pulling away in chase of the fugitives, who now, shouting out in Dutch, entreated us to take them on board.
  2. Loopholes were soon manned, and the enemy were driven back from the mill door.
  3. Well, that's how the whole planet gets itself manned.

Quotes for manned:

  1. I was selected to be an astronaut on a military program called the Manned Orbiting Laboratory back in '67. That program got cancelled in '69 and NASA ended up taking half of us. - Robert Crippen
  2. Our goal is to show that you can develop a robust, safe manned space program and do it at an extremely low cost. - Burt Rutan
  3. In the large cities that received new Americans, there flowered a golden age of restaurants, manned by the available talent from abroad and fueled by the restless wealth of the newly rich. - David Joseph Schwartz
  4. I am convinced that the modular structure of the Mir will be the main trend in manned orbital stations development in the next century. - Valentina Tereshkova
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