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Correct spelling: many


Definition of many:

  1. More.
  2. Comprising a great number; numerous.
  3. Many people; a great number; a retinue; the people. The many, the greater number. Many times, often.

Many \m(a)-ny\

Many as a girl's name.
Muna, Manya, Mina, Minny, Min, Mena, Mona, Mone, Monay.

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Examples of usage for many:

  1. " Yes," quoth Tom, " for I am a great many miles from the country."
  2. They go back some day, so many tollars, every day for work.
  3. Surely there are too many?

Quotes for many:

  1. In life, so many things are taken for granted, but one thing I can honestly say is that I took every day, enjoyed the game of putting on that uniform and playing the great game of baseball. - Wade Boggs
  2. Directly after the show people might have responded better to it, but who really knows. It did what it did and while it seems like a failure to most but it was a success for me and has given me so many opportunities. - Justin Guarini
  3. If I were to make public these tapes, containing blunt and candid remarks on many different subjects, the confidentiality of the office of the president would always be suspect. - Richard M. Nixon
  4. Basically, what Economic Hit Men are trained to do is to build up the American empire. To create situations where as many resources as possible flow into this country, to our corporations, and our government, and in fact we've been very successful. - John Perkins
  5. There are as many jobs for younger Americans as there are for other Americans of every age group in political campaigns. Campaigns are very labor intensive and volunteer dependent. - Marc Racicot

Idioms for many:

  1. have a few ( too many)
  2. many happy returns ( of the day)
  3. Too many cooks spoil the stew.
  4. so many countries, so many customs.
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