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How To Spell many?

Correct spelling: many

Definition of many:

  1. More.

List of misspellings for many:

  • munb,
  • manth,
  • dany,
  • manyf,
  • meeny,
  • emeny,
  • mayny,
  • rany,
  • lmany,
  • meniu,
  • manely,
  • may5,
  • monly,
  • mahgony,
  • manul,
  • gemany,
  • moneyy,
  • mand,
  • manuy,
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  • omany.


Many as a girl's name.

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1949 film

A Family Like Many Others is a 1949 Mexican drama film directed by Alejandro Galindo and starring Fernando Soler, David Silva and Martha Roth. The film's sets were designed by the art director Gunther Gerszo.

Many Facez


Album by Tracey Lee

Many Facez is the debut album released by American rapper, Tracey Lee. It was released on March 25, 1997 through Universal Records with production handled by Tracey Lee, DJ Parley and D-Dot and Amen-Ra of The Hitmen.

Many, Moselle


Commune in France

Many is a commune in the Moselle department in Grand Est in north-eastern France.

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This graph shows how "many" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Translations for many:

Afrikaans word for Many


Arabic word for Many


Chinese words for Many

不少, 大多, 好多, 老鼻子, 许多的.

Dutch words for Many

legio, veel, vele, menig, velen, talrijk.

French words for Many

nombreux, beaucoup de.

German words for Many

viel, viele.

Greek word for Many


Hindi word for Many


Italian word for Many


Japanese words for Many

多く, 多い, 数々, 大勢, 幾, 万, 盛りだくさん, おおく, 両, かずかず, たぶん, 双, いくた, はちまんしせん, 八千, はちまん, かずおおい, やそよろず, はっせん, 夥多, やよろず, 凡百, 幾許, せんおく, 八十万, ぼんひゃく, 五百, 諸, ごひゃくまん, やち, いおよろず, 多くの.

Javanese word for Many


Malay word for Many


Marathi word for Many


Norwegian word for Many


Polish word for Many


Portuguese word for Many


Romanian word for Many


Spanish words for Many

muchas, numerosas, numeroso, muchos.

Swedish word for Many