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Correct spelling: Marcelo

Marcelo \m(a)-rce-lo, mar-celo\

Marcelo as a boy's name is a variant of Marcel (French).
Marcell, Marcello, Marcely.

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Examples of usage for Marcelo:

  1. Padre Viader, the priest in charge, was a very muscular and athletic man; and one night, in 1814, a young gentile giant, named Marcelo and two companions attacked him. – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James
  2. In the rough and tumble fight which ensued the padre came out ahead; and after giving the culprits a severe homily on the sin of attacking a priest, they were pardoned, Marcelo becoming one of his best and most faithful friends thereafter. – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James
  3. The archbishop turned towards the people; and when in his thin, broken voice he gave the benediction, one thought that no man in his heart felt such humility as the magnificent prince of the Church, Don Marcelo Spinola y Maestre, Archbishop of Seville. – The Land of The Blessed Virgin; Sketches and Impressions in Andalusia by William Somerset Maugham

Rhymes for Marcelo:

  1. bellow, cello, fellow, jello, mellow, yellow, melo, mello;
  2. morello, othello, carmelo, deangelo, capello, marcello, otello, costello, martello;
  3. pirandello, fiorello, diangelo, celo, monticello;