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Correct spelling: mark

What does the abbreviation mark mean?


dedicated to Mars
Mark as a boy's name is pronounced mark. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Mark is "dedicated to Mars". Anglicized version of Marcus. Biblical: the Roman surname of John Mark, missionary companion to Peter and Paul and writer of one of the four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. The famous author Mark Twain (originally Samuel Clemens) took his name from the call of Mississippi River boatmen: "Mark twain!" meaning that the water was two fathoms deep. Marc is a French form; Marco and Marques are Spanish. Marko and Markos are Slavic forms. See also Marcel, Marcellus, Markell, Marquis, and Martin. Explorer Marco Polo; choreographer Mark Morris; New York governor Mario Cuomo; swimmer Mark Spitz; baseball player Mark McGwire; fashion designer Marc Jacobs; actors Mark Harmon, Mark Wahlberg.

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What are the rhymes for mark?

  1. starck, quark, parke, harc, barch, arc, clarke, ark, starke, dark, sparc, sark, merc, park, spark, shark, bark, marque, hark, parc, stark, narc, lark, marc, clark;
  2. embark, demark, remark;
  3. disembark;

What are the translations for mark?

Arabic word for Mark


Chinese words for Mark

商标, 纪念, 烙印, 分数, 号子, 标绘, 污点.

Dutch words for Mark

merk, merkteken, markering, beoordelen, tekenen, doelwit, cijfer, teken, zegel, inschrijving, aanduiding, op letten.

French words for Mark

signaler, noter, classer, trace, empreinte, sceau, cachet, cocher, cible, tâche, marque, marquer, marquage, signe, commémorer, corriger, distinguer.

German words for Mark

beachten, Punkt, Ziel, bewerten, Note, Merkmal, bezeichnen, merken, kennzeichnen, auszeichnen, Spur, Zielscheibe, markieren, abstecken, beschriften, zeichnen, korrigieren, hervorheben, Marke, eichen, Zeichen, benoten, einzeichnen, Kennzeichnung, Kennzeichen, Markierung, beschildern, Mark, Kratzer, Schramme, märken, Fleck, Abdruck, Benotung, Narbe, Zensur, Schulnote, Merkzeichen, anzeichnen, anreißen, anstreichen, zensieren, zinken, zerkratzen, herausheben, charakterisieren, grau, Notar, Tracer, Symbole.

Italian words for Mark

macchia, marchio, segno, traccia, punteggio, contrassegno.

Japanese words for Mark

マーク, 印, すれ, 目星, 符号, 目印, 見当, 擦れ, 略号, 焼鏝, 焼きごて, めあて, 正鵠, 符丁, ぽつ, ぽち, ひょうしき, 証し, 焼き鏝, 目当て, 迹, ふちょう, チョボ, めぼし, りゃくごう, せいこう, 馬克, ふごう, 符, 標示, ずぼし, いん, かくする, 劃す, 目じるし, 特色づける, 址, 汚れの跡.

Javanese word for Mark


Korean word for Mark


Norwegian word for Mark


Polish words for Mark

znak, znacznik, oznakowanie, plama, zaznaczanie.

Portuguese words for Mark

alvo, assinalar, selecionar, selo, sinal, símbolo, corrigir, sinalizar, cunho.

Romanian word for Mark


Russian words for Mark

марка, мишень, запомнить, ставить отметку.

Spanish words for Mark

nota, calificar, objetivo, blanco, celebrar, marco, marcar, huella, significar, indicar, subrayar, observar, representar, mancha, marca, etiquetar, sello, signo, distinguir, conmemorar, fijarse, caracterizar, impronta, anotar, baliza, voto, tanda.

Tamil word for Mark