How To Spell marquis?

Correct spelling: marquis

 \m(a)-rquis, mar-quis\

nobleman; lord of the borderlands
Marquis as a boy's name is pronounced mar-KEECE, MAR-kuss, mar-KEE. It is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Marquis is "nobleman; lord of the borderlands". Originally a title of nobility for aristocrats whose holdings were situated in vulnerable border areas (the Marches). It is a lower rank than Duke, but higher than Earl, Viscount, or Baron. Use as a personal name may have been influenced by names derived from the Latin Marcus. Phonetic variants indicate that parents favor mar-KEECE, probably using Marquis as a title name. Marquis (MAR-kuss) is a variant of a Scottish surname; Marquez is a Spanish form. Football player Marquez Pope; baseball player Marquis Grissom.

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What are the usage examples for marquis?

  1. " Oh, senhor, the Senhora Donna Theresa is at present at the house of the marquis her father; but, alas! – The Prime Minister by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. " It were destruction to turn back now," she cried; " and, my young lord marquis I am your most humble bride. – The Prime Minister by W.H.G. Kingston

What are the rhymes for marquis?

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What are the translations for marquis?

Dutch word for Marquis


French word for Marquis


Greek word for Marquis


Korean word for Marquis

영국을 제외한 일부 유럽 국가들의 후작.

Marathi word for Marquis


Romanian word for Marquis


Spanish word for Marquis


Swedish word for Marquis


Tamil word for Marquis


Turkish words for Marquis

markiz, marki.

Vietnamese word for Marquis

Hầu tước.