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How To Spell mass?

Correct spelling: mass

Definition of mass:

  1. join together into a mass; collect or form a mass; of crowds of people; "Crowds were massing outside the palace"

List of misspellings for mass:

  • vasse,
  • mas,
  • gass,
  • mewss,
  • masen,
  • messaih,
  • mysef,
  • mycase,
  • messg,
  • mussum,
  • mossir,
  • ckass,
  • messae,
  • masseg,
  • meassde,
  • messag,
  • mss,
  • masson,
  • measer,
  • maks,
  • masde,
  • mess,
  • maus,
  • maya's,
  • massauer,
  • maisn,
  • meast,
  • mei's,
  • missoui,
  • measows,
  • meams,
  • messig,
  • vass,
  • masive,
  • maske,
  • massicar,
  • massiah,
  • maness,
  • messa,
  • masot,
  • sams's,
  • massgae,
  • mass,
  • myso,
  • messs,
  • mahs,
  • masss,
  • maes,
  • messup,
  • massur,
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  • tass,
  • massge,
  • mmiss,
  • maos,
  • missio,
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  • masif.

What does the abbreviation mass mean?

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Arirang Festival


The Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance Arirang, also known as the Arirang Mass Games, or the Arirang Festival is a mass gymnastics and artistic festival held in the Rungnado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Braintree, Massachusetts


City in Massachusetts

Braintree, officially the Town of Braintree, is a suburban New England city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States. Although officially known as a town, Braintree adopted a municipal charter, effective 2008, with a mayor-council form of government, and is considered a city under Massachusetts law.

Mass Production


Musical group

Mass Production is an American funk/disco musical group, best known for their 1979 hit, Firecracker. Based in Norfolk, Virginia, the ten-piece group had a series of minor R&B hits in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Mass Sport

Middlesex County, Massachusetts


County in Massachusetts

Middlesex County is a county in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the United States. As of 2016, the estimated population was 1,589,774, making it the twenty-first most populous county in the United States, and the most populous county in both Massachusetts and New England.

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Rhymes for mass:

  1. fass, ras, brass, kras, chasse, sasse, fahs, klass, lass, gras, glas, tass, vass, kass, cas, crass, sass, grass, pass, hass, dass, nass, bass, pasts, gass, bras, das, cass, glass, jass, klas, last, class, plas, sas, gas, masse, lambastes;
  2. contrasts, alsace, umass, amass, morass, repass, surpass, forecasts, impasse, alas, harass;

Translations for mass:

Afrikaans words for Mass

groepeer, hoop, massaal, ophoop, groot klomp, konsentreer, vergader, versamel.

Arabic word for Mass

مِقْدَارٌ كَبِيرٌ.

Bengali word for Mass


Catalan words for Mass

amassar, massís, maurar.

Dutch words for Mass

hoeveelheid, merendeel, menigte, zich samenvoegen, massa‐, ophopen, samenhopen, zich ophopen, zich samenhopen, eucharistieviering.

Finnish word for Mass


French words for Mass

amas, foule, morceau, bloc, se masser, se rassembler, tas, conglomérat, monumental, monté.

German words for Mass

groß, Masse, Messe, Gewicht, Mehrheit, populär, massieren, Mole.

Greek word for Mass


Italian word for Mass


Japanese word for Mass


Korean word for Mass


Latin word for Mass


Malay word for Mass


Norwegian words for Mass

på, mengde.

Polish words for Mass

miś, masowy, msza, mnóstwo.

Portuguese words for Mass

quantidade, massivo, massa, missa, de massa, populares, coletivo, colectiva, a maioria, montão, grandeza, massificados, massivos, mássica, massificada.

Romanian word for Mass


Russian words for Mass

месса, литургия, массовость, обедня.

Spanish words for Mass

agruparse, cantidad, bulto, congregarse, colectivo, masa, muchedumbre, masivo, misa, en serie, mis, másico.

Tamil word for Mass


Turkish words for Mass

Trop, kitle.

Vietnamese word for Mass

khối lượng.