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How To Spell match?

Correct spelling: match

List of misspellings for match:

  • watcha,
  • merch,
  • maigh,
  • march18,
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This graph shows how "match" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for match:

  1. Stupidity is an elemental force for which no earthquake is a match.
  2. My feelings, as the last ball travelled over the net, and as I realized that the final match was mine, I cannot describe. I felt that here was a prize for all the games I had ever played.
  3. But I think it's also hard to get into soccer here. I think purely on a time level on television as well because of the ad breaks. It's something to do with that as well. You can't show a complete soccer match here. Which I kind of find a bit of an odd thing.
  4. The match against Brazil was football at its best. Both sides had opportunities to win the game.
  5. They have a book of locations, and we would do a story about the Sahara Desert for instance, and in the California book you would find a comparable location, to match that location in California.

Rhymes for match:

  1. scratch, rach, mache, thatch, lache, latch, hatch, lach, brach, kach, hach, gatch, drach, catch, patch, snatch, bache, batch;
  2. detach, mismatch, attach, dispatch, rematch;
  3. overmatch, reattach;

Translations for match:

Afrikaans word for Match


Arabic word for Match


Bengali word for Match


Chinese words for Match

匹配, 配对, 比得上, 与...相配, 竞赛, 搭配, 相配, 媲美, 相称, 对抗赛, 比赛, 球赛, 火柴, 相配的人或物, 搭调.

Dutch words for Match

wedstrijd, lucifer, evenbeeld, evenaren, kamp, koppelen, overeenstemmen.

French words for Match

par, correspondre, égaler, harmoniser, apparier, jeu, rencontre, allumette, concordance, combat, assortir, choqué, concorder, appareiller, être l'égal de.

German words for Match

passen, Spiel, zuordnen, entsprechen, anpassen, abstimmen, angleichen, gleichkommen, übereinstimmen, zusammenpassen, zusammenfügen, Match, Streichholz, Gegenstück, abgleichen, Kampf, Partie, vergleichen, sich decken, paaren, ebenbürtig sein, gleich sein, Wettkampf, Pendant, Entsprechung, Zündholz, Lunte, dazu passende Sache, zusammenpassendes Paar, dazu passende Person, Ebenbild, Wettspiel, Paar.

Greek word for Match


Hindi word for Match


Italian words for Match

partita, corrispondenza, gara, incontro, abbinamento, fiammifero, concordanza.

Japanese words for Match

試合, 合う, 勝負, 競技, 取組, こ, とりくみ, 若く, てあい, そろえる, っこ, ひってき, 双ぶ, 類い, 類, 配合, 手合い, 手合, 列ぶ, ひりん, 揃える, 火柴, かいせん, ひっちゅう, 仕合, しあい, にあう, 割り, ひ, 比倫, 対抗試合, 及く, くら, 比い, わり, うつり.

Javanese word for Match


Korean word for Match


Malay word for Match


Polish words for Match

odpowiadać, pasować do, dorównywać, zestawić, być równy, zestawiać, dorównać, pasować do siebie, być zgodny z, równać się, mecz.

Portuguese words for Match

equivaler, encontro, jogo, corresponder a, adequar, estar à altura de, fósforo, correspondência, confronto, comparar-se com.

Romanian word for Match


Russian words for Match

совпадать с, сопрягать, сочетаться с, сопоставлять с.

Spanish words for Match

ajustar, juego, igualar, desafío, partido, coincidencia, combate, pareja, cerilla, corresponder, coincidir, emparejar, hacer juego con, adaptar, encajar, proporcionar, equilibrar, igual, concordar, encuentro, combinar, partida, mecha, parecerse, casar, equiparar, correspondencia, fósforo, emparejamiento.

Turkish word for Match


Ukrainian word for Match