How To Spell mate?

Correct spelling: mate

What is the definition of mate?

  1. make love; "Birds mate in the Spring"

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What are the translations for mate?

Arabic word for Mate


Chinese words for Mate

配偶, 交配, 配接, 头路, 交尾.

Dutch words for Mate

maat, stuurman, paren, vriend, metgezel, gezel, kameraad.

French words for Mate

partenaire, compagnon, mât, second, lieutenant, copain, accoupler, pote, camarade, appareiller, copuler.

German words for Mate

verbinden, anpassen, kuppeln, Partner, Kollege, balzen, Sozius, Kumpel, sich paaren, Kamerad, Freund, Gehilfe, Gefährtin, Arbeitskameradin, Arbeitskamerad, Kameradin, Steuermann, Kumpan, sich verpaaren, matt setzen, sich begatten, decken lassen, rammeln.

Italian words for Mate

compagno, accoppiare.

Japanese words for Mate

メイト, メート, 航海士, 兄弟, うんてんし, 交尾む, 遊牝む, こうかいし, 運転士, 孳尾む, つるむ.

Javanese word for Mate


Norwegian words for Mate

kamerat, måte.

Papiamento word for Mate


Polish words for Mate

kolega, przyjaciel, towarzysz, kompan, samiec, pomocnik.

Romanian word for Mate


Russian words for Mate

мат, товарищ, помощник.

Spanish words for Mate

colega, reproducirse, aparearse.

Swedish word for Mate


Tamil word for Mate


Turkish word for Mate