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How To Spell may?

Correct spelling: may

Definition of may:

  1. get to or be allowed to do something; "May I go to the movies tonight?"; "Can I have some ice cream?"; "We got to play video games all day long"

List of misspellings for may:

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What does the abbreviation may mean?


the fifth month
May as a girl's name is pronounced may. It is of English origin, and the meaning of May is "the fifth month". The month of May was named for Maia, the Roman earth goddess. Also a short form of the names Matthew and Mary. Also a Sanskrit word meaning "illusion". See also Mai. Actress Mae West; writer Maya Angelou; poet May Sarton.

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Cincinnati May Festival


Music Festival

The Cincinnati May Festival is a two-week annual choral festival, held in May in Cincinnati, Ohio, US.

May D


Nigerian singer-songwriter

Akinmayokun Awodumila, popularly known as May D, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and dancer. He was formally signed to the R&B duo P-Square record label "Square records".

May Hariri


Lebanese actor

May Hariri is a Lebanese pop artist as well as an actor and the ex-wife of singer Melhem Barakat. With the release of May Hariri’s first Music Video, she unleashed to the Arab world a combination of wild, sensual and enchanting concepts with the clip of her debut single "Ha Sahhar Ou".

May Madham


1994 film

May Madham is a 1994 Tamil-language romance film directed by Venus Balu. The film features Vineeth and Sonali Kulkarni in the lead roles and has art direction by Thotta Tharani. The film was later remade in Hindi as Love You Hamesha with soundtrack by A. R. Rahman

Zakhar May



Zakhar May is a modern Ukrainian musician, author of such hits as "Nahui", "Nashi Tanki" and "Russo Matroso", a participant in festivals "Nashestvie 2002", "Krylya 2003" and others.

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This graph shows how "may" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for may:

  1. Unfortunately, we are still in an age where individuals may be discriminated against because of health conditions.
  2. And it seems to me in that experience may lie at least some of the clues for policy development perhaps constitutional changes as well that Labour will need to make at the national level too.
  3. One of the great lessons I've learned in athletics is that you've got to discipline your life. No matter how good you may be, you've got to be willing to cut out of your life those things that keep you from going to the top.
  4. It behoves thee to love God wisely; and that may thou not do but if thou be wise.
  5. I may be no better, but at least I am different.

Rhymes for may:

  1. re, yay, kay, trey, ley, k, pray, mae, frey, waye, jay, stray, grey, pei, maye, yea, j, sta, de, bray, daye, tay, weigh, graye, se, day, wy, slay, spray, quay, dae, jae, gaye, whey, tray, shay, cray, rey, faye, nej, fe, dey, ray, ay, fay, bey, they, rae, flay, gway, cay, klay, brae, paye, lait, wray, nay, sze, haye, brey, neigh, vey, mey, stay, hay, bay, lay, tae, raye, ne, sleigh, sway, saye, fray, wei, ney, dray, hwe, pay, ca, khe, kaye, play, fey, mei, quai, gray, clay, che, prey, drey, hey, ae, shea, blay, wey, jaye, lei, way, say;
  2. cafe, passe, valet, cache, olay, hervey, da, o'shea, mckay, sergei, allay, today, portray, millay, mccrea, astray, moray, chalet, ek, cathay, survey, display, nikkei, bouquet, okay, belay, ha, fillet, purvey, hooray, crochet, levey, mackay, calais, repay, delray, replay, ga, puree, mcveigh, toupee, dismay, manet, cliche, rene, halfway, monet, hurray, filet, array, dk, croquet, souffle, abbe, ole, beauvais, obey, sorbet, jose, orsay, macrae, renee, beret, betray, nisei, delay, soiree, carre, away, buffet, ballet, gervais, asay, essay, parquet, convey, prepay, bombay, b-j, dossier, saute, oj, decay, risque, defray;
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Translations for may:

Arabic word for May

مِنَ الـمُحْتَمَل.

Chinese words for May

可, 要, 可能做.

Dutch words for May

kunnen, mei.

French words for May

pouvoir, avoir le droit, mois de mai.

German words for May

mögen, Mai, dürfen, Blütezeit, Lenz.

Hindi word for May

हो सकता है.

Italian words for May

maggio, potere.

Japanese words for May

5月, 山査子, サンザシ, さんざし, 五月, メイ, ごがつ.

Javanese word for May


Korean word for May

~일지도 모른다.

Malay word for May


Marathi word for May


Norwegian word for May


Polish word for May


Portuguese words for May

talvez, ter permissão.

Romanian word for May

a avea voie.

Spanish words for May

poder, mayo.

Swedish word for May


Turkish word for May

Mayıs ayı.

Vietnamese word for May