How To Spell meanwhile?

Correct spelling: meanwhile

What is the definition of meanwhile?

  1. The intervening time; as, in the meantime (or mean time).

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What are the usage examples for meanwhile?

  1. Meanwhile Necia had passed on out of the town and through the Indian village at the mouth of the creek, until high up on the slopes she saw Alluna and the little ones.

What are the translations for meanwhile?

Arabic word for Meanwhile

فِي خِلَالِ ذَلِكَ.

Bengali word for Meanwhile


Dutch words for Meanwhile

voorlopig, inmiddels, ondertussen, intussen, onderwijl.

French words for Meanwhile

entre-temps, pendant ce temps, dans l'intervalle, en parallèle, au même moment, au cours de cette période.

German words for Meanwhile

indessen, indes, derweil, dieweil, zwischenzeitlich, inzwischen, mittlerweile, währenddessen, unterdessen, derweilen, in der Zwischenzeit, unterdes, einstweilen.

Italian word for Meanwhile

nel frattempo.

Japanese words for Meanwhile

その一方, すでにして, そうこうするうちに, そのいっぽう, 既にして, ところかわって, そうしたなかで, そうこうする内に, ところ変わって, そうした中で, 所変わって.

Javanese word for Meanwhile


Polish words for Meanwhile

w międzyczasie, równolegle, tymczasem.

Portuguese word for Meanwhile

enquanto isso.

Romanian word for Meanwhile


Spanish words for Meanwhile

mientras, mientras tanto, entretanto, paralelamente, en tanto, en este tiempo, ahora bien, en paralelo.

Turkish word for Meanwhile

o esnada.