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How To Spell measure?

Correct spelling: measure

Definition of measure:

  1. Measurable.

List of misspellings for measure:

  • meaure,
  • seazure,
  • maesure,
  • reasuure,
  • mixure,
  • meausres,
  • measuse,
  • mearsured,
  • reasure,
  • meassure,
  • meassege,
  • moisure,
  • messrs,
  • mastre,
  • cieaura,
  • misary,
  • measuremet,
  • measurse,
  • measres,
  • measue,
  • mesume,
  • maersure,
  • asure,
  • measureing,
  • peasure,
  • misourie,
  • misury,
  • mascura,
  • makesure,
  • measuem,
  • meausured,
  • cesure,
  • meausered,
  • mearsures,
  • siesure,
  • nersury,
  • measrues,
  • mesaured,
  • massare,
  • measuer,
  • emsure,
  • meare,
  • massacere,
  • measered,
  • meature,
  • resure,
  • meusum,
  • measeured,
  • mousurri,
  • commisure,
  • mesuares,
  • measred,
  • remeasure,
  • messured,
  • lesure,
  • measues,
  • measurred,
  • mesured,
  • measeued,
  • mecicare,
  • mesuare,
  • besure,
  • masscre,
  • measuerin,
  • perssure,
  • mesery,
  • measrued,
  • mayure,
  • mesur,
  • meausures,
  • measuere,
  • measurin,
  • measuredd,
  • teasurer,
  • missoree,
  • mesure,
  • measute,
  • keisure,
  • meshure,
  • measer,
  • missourie,
  • teasury,
  • lesuire,
  • meansure,
  • amsure,
  • teasure,
  • mesrber,
  • meassde,
  • meture,
  • masacre,
  • mecessary,
  • missoure,
  • chesure,
  • masures,
  • maesured,
  • meaasge,
  • measurent,
  • measuers,
  • meassge,
  • esure.

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Quotes for measure:

  1. The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.
  2. The measure of choosing well, is, whether a man likes and finds good in what he has chosen.
  3. With these kinds of proposals, the devil is in the details. We're going to examine this realignment closely. We will fight any measure that compromises our needs- now or in the future.
  4. You can measure opportunity with the same yardstick that measures the risk involved. They go together.
  5. It is the sign of a great mind to dislike greatness, and to prefer things in measure to things in excess.

Rhymes for measure:

  1. treasure, leisure, pleasure;
  2. displeasure;

Translations for measure:

Arabic word for Measure


Bengali word for Measure


Chinese words for Measure

量度, 措举, 丈量.

Dutch words for Measure

maat, meet, maatstaf, meten, opmeten, maatregel, meting, afmeten, maatstreep.

French words for Measure

dispositif, mesurer, cadence, jauger, calculer, mesure, quantifier, comparer, indicateur, prendre la mesure de.

German words for Measure

Vorkehrung, erfassen, messen, bemessen, vermessen, Mittel, Maß, Maßnahme, Takt, ausmessen, Disposition, gewichten, nachmessen, Schritt, Rhythmus, Maßeinheit, Metrum, Maßregel, Versmaß, Mensur, Satzbreite, abmessen, Dosis, Regime, grau.

Hindi word for Measure


Italian words for Measure

misura, provvedimento, misurare.

Japanese words for Measure

計測, 測る, 施策, 計る, ものさし, 計量, 小節, マス, 尺, さし, 量る, ぎあん, けいそく, しさく, 物差, 桝, 差し, 枡目, やくすう, 約数, 斗, 升, かげん, 指し, 升目, 物指し, けいりょう, ますめ, しゃく, 物指, 測定する.

Javanese word for Measure


Korean word for Measure


Malay word for Measure


Marathi word for Measure

मापन करा.

Norwegian word for Measure


Polish words for Measure

krok, miara, środek, pomiar, doza, miarka, zmierzyć.

Portuguese words for Measure

analisar, nível, avaliar, julgar, mensurar, procedimento, compasso, tirar medida, quantificar.

Romanian word for Measure

a măsura.

Russian word for Measure


Spanish words for Measure

considerar, evaluar, indicador, medir, juzgar, calcular, cantidad, determinar, mate, grado, medida, valorar, indicativo, acto, ponderar, cuantificar.

Swedish word for Measure


Tamil word for Measure


Turkish word for Measure


Ukrainian word for Measure