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What is the definition of media?

  1. pl. of Medium.

What does the abbreviation media mean?


Media as a girl's name is a variant of Medea (Greek), and the meaning of Media is "ruling".
  • Meda,
  • Medie,
  • Medeia.

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What are the rhymes for media?

  1. multimedia, intermedia;
  2. encyclopaedia, encyclopedia;

What are the translations for media?

Arabic word for Media

وَسَائِلُ الْإِعْلَامِ.

Bengali word for Media


Chinese words for Media

舆论界, 媒体.

French words for Media

supports, médias, moyens de communication, milieux, médium, média.

German words for Media

Presse, Medien.

Greek word for Media

μέσα επικοινωνίας.

Hindi word for Media


Italian words for Media

mezzi di informazione, mezzi di comunicazione.

Japanese words for Media

メディア, 記録媒体, 媒質, ミーディア, きろくばいたい, マスメディア.

Korean word for Media


Marathi word for Media


Russian word for Media

средства массовой информации.

Spanish words for Media

de los medios, de comunicación, medios, medios de comunicación, de prensa, medios de difusión.

Swedish word for Media


Tamil word for Media


Turkish word for Media


Ukrainian word for Media

засоби масової інформації.

Vietnamese word for Media

phương tiện truyền thông.