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How To Spell meet?

Correct spelling: meet

What are the misspellings for meet ?

  • mommet,
  • feett,
  • peet,
  • lmeet,
  • mthat,
  • mediea,
  • 12000feet,
  • medeum,
  • merto,
  • mreo,
  • neet,
  • meetn,
  • mediey,
  • muerte,
  • meeca,
  • mght,
  • ameutur,
  • teet,
  • mertyr,
  • methot,
  • smeed,
  • mney,
  • timeat,
  • memort,
  • mmeet,
  • meof,
  • maght,
  • mmet,
  • meeter,
  • maeket,
  • mever,
  • meint,
  • meber,
  • merket,
  • memb,
  • mechete,
  • meator,
  • seetw,
  • meerkat,
  • meeti,
  • mert,
  • feeet,
  • movet,
  • seet,
  • remet,
  • melty,
  • meeted,
  • mdeia,
  • mieght,
  • metel,
  • 10feet,
  • meer,
  • mesed,
  • mext,
  • mukti,
  • maeet,
  • mechette,
  • mwhat,
  • ment,
  • meast,
  • meetthe,
  • uiet,
  • meeitn,
  • morte,
  • maket,
  • meey,
  • mebey,
  • meetin,
  • umet,
  • menat,
  • emmeet,
  • medea,
  • meett,
  • tomeet,
  • meetyour,
  • muiti,
  • theet,
  • mchee,
  • mught,
  • menut,
  • 20feet,
  • messt,
  • moteh,
  • mghty,
  • geet,
  • moveout,
  • mett,
  • meetign,
  • meybe,
  • emmet,
  • moet,
  • mmeber,
  • mest,
  • meanti,
  • meeets,
  • miet,
  • meetup,
  • heet,
  • merrit,
  • mmets.

What does the abbreviation meet mean?

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This graph shows how "meet" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for meet?

  1. I met Clinton at a benefit for teachers, which was a very good charity, but I met him for about 90 seconds, and I thought it was important to meet the leader of the free world. So I stood next to him for a photograph, and then apparently that's all it takes.
  2. As an active member of the Air Force, Army and Mine Warfare Caucuses, I meet with enlisted personnel and officers on a regular basis to learn more about their needs, both on the job and with their families.
  3. Under the Obama administration, TSA has been operating without an administrator for a year and a half. After the president's first two choices failed to meet expectations, a new administrator, John Pistole, was finally approved on Friday. Unfortunately, it will be the fifth administrator in eight years.
  4. The seeded draw came into being. This means that the two best players of the tournament are placed in opposite halves in the draw, and cannot possibly meet until the finals, if they come through successfully against all the rest of the participants.
  5. We must move away from our dependency on fossil fuels, and I am glad that GM has invested over $1 billion in hydrogen fuel cells cars to meet this goal.

What are the rhymes for meet?

  1. peete, cheat, leet, treat, veit, skeet, cleat, grete, seat, suite, eat, sweet, skeat, teet, bleat, wheat, beat, street, teat, tweet, peat, sleet, peet, sheet, fleet, heat, mete, greet, st, beet, meat, feet, pleat, neat, neet, crete, piet, feat, pete;
  2. defeat, receipt, amit, replete, compete, conceit, repeat, excrete, delete, retreat, complete, downbeat, concrete, unseat, discrete, petite, mistreat, bridgette, discreet, effete, gamete, elite, deceit, offbeat, deplete, secrete;
  3. marquerite, uncomplete, marguerite, incomplete, noncompete, indiscreet;

What are the translations for meet?

Afrikaans word for Meet


Arabic word for Meet


Chinese words for Meet

会, 符合, 迎, 应付, 见, 相遇, 聚会, 见面, 碰面, 聚首, 面晤, 遇见, 碰上, 碰头, 谋面, 聚头.

Dutch words for Meet

aan voldoen, vergaderen, ontmoeten, vervullen, verzamelen, naleven, nakomen, ophalen, tegenkomen, samenkomen, in voorzien, bijeenkomen, aan tegemoetkomen, met kennismaken, inwilligen.

French words for Meet

garantir, attendre, réunir, rencontrer, satisfaire, ver, faire la connaissance de.

German words for Meet

entgegenkommen, Einhalten, treffen, entsprechen, Zusammentreffen, begegnen, empfangen, decken, begleichen, sich treffen, kennen lernen, tagen, zusammenkommen, Aufeinandertreffen, antreffen, Wettkampf, befriedigen, genügen, abholen, zusammentreten, Sportveranstaltung, Verse.

Greek word for Meet


Hindi word for Meet


Italian words for Meet

incontrare, riunirsi, conoscere, affrontare.

Japanese words for Meet

よる, 会う, 遭う, ミート, 交わる, 集う, 出迎える, 逢う, 寄る, つどう, 顔合わせる, 打つかる, ぶっつかる, かおあわせる, 打っ付かる, かおをあわせる, 会す, 寄合う, まじわる, 遇う, でむかえる, 顔を合わせる, 落合う, ~に会う.

Javanese word for Meet


Korean word for Meet

...와 만나다.

Malay word for Meet


Marathi word for Meet


Polish words for Meet

spełniać, spełnić, spotkać, spotykać, poznawać, zaspokajać, poznać.

Portuguese words for Meet

atingir, satisfazer, cumprir, conhecer, suprir, preencher, responder a, obedecer a.

Romanian word for Meet

a întâlni.

Spanish words for Meet

cumplir, satisfacer, conseguir, lograr, conocer, reunirse, atender, alcanzar, hacer frente, encontrar, encontrarse, respetar, quedar, ir a buscar, superar, cubrir, afrontar, responder, encuentro, entrevistarse.

Swedish word for Meet


Tamil word for Meet


Ukrainian word for Meet