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Correct spelling: meet

Definition of meet:

  1. Fitting; suitable; proper. See Mete.
  2. A meeting of huntsmen for coursing.
  3. To come face to face with; to join; to encounter: to come together with; to find; to receive; to fit in with; to satisfy.
  4. To encounter; to come together: to assemble: to come in contact.

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What does the abbreviation meet mean?

MEET abbreviation definitions:
–  Meetme Inc ( American Stock Exchange [ AMEX])
–  Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology

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Rhymes for meet:

  1. peete, cheat, leet, treat, veit, skeet, cleat, grete, seat, suite, eat, sweet, skeat, teet, bleat, wheat, beat, street, teat, tweet, peat, sleet, peet, sheet, fleet, heat, mete, greet, st, beet, meat, feet, pleat, neat, neet, crete, piet, feat, pete;
  2. defeat, receipt, amit, replete, compete, conceit, repeat, excrete, delete, retreat, complete, downbeat, concrete, unseat, discrete, petite, mistreat, bridgette, discreet, effete, gamete, elite, deceit, offbeat, deplete, secrete;
  3. marquerite, uncomplete, marguerite, incomplete, noncompete, indiscreet;