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What are the translations for meeting?

Arabic word for Meeting


Chinese words for Meeting

大会, 会议室, 会面, 会合, 集会, 会晤.

Dutch words for Meeting

bespreking, wedstrijd, vergadering, bijeenkomst, bijeenkomst, zitting, ontmoeting, overleg, samenkomst.

French words for Meeting

entretien, rencontre, convention, réunion, assemblée, colloque, jonction, confluent.

German words for Meeting

Besprechung, treffen, Begegnung, Zusammentreffen, Versammlung, Meeting, Sitzung, Veranstaltung, Zusammenkunft, Konferenz, Tagung, Treff, Zusammentritt, Wiedersehen, Zusammenfluss.

Hindi word for Meeting


Italian words for Meeting

assemblea, riunione, convocazione, convegno, appuntamento, raduno, incontro, conferenza, colloquio.

Japanese words for Meeting

会議, 会, 会合, 集い, 出迎え, 迎え, 寄り合い, ランデブー, 集り, つどい, かい, さまや, 三昧耶, けんざん, 会同, でむかえ, たいめ, むかえ, よりあい, ランデヴー, さんまいや, かいどう, あつまり, 際会, 迎い, 所議, めみえ, 対顔, しょぎ, さいかい, たいがん, 寄合, 目見得, かいごう, 目見え, であい, かいぎ, むかい, かいしゅう, 寄合い.

Korean word for Meeting


Malay words for Meeting

Rapat, Mesyuarat.

Polish words for Meeting

spotkanie, zebranie, posiedzenie.

Portuguese words for Meeting

assembleia, encontro, conferência, confronto.

Spanish words for Meeting

consejo, junta, cita, consulta, asamblea, reunión, encuentro, mitin, evento, convocatoria, confluencia, congreso, jornada, coloquio.

Swedish word for Meeting


Tamil word for Meeting


Vietnamese word for Meeting

cuộc họp.