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How To Spell menuhin?

Correct spelling: menuhin

List of misspellings for menuhin:

  • minumun,
  • mentoin,
  • menuhim,
  • mebuhin,
  • mesnuhin,
  • menuhun,
  • mrnuhin,
  • menin,
  • monthin,
  • mounain,
  • mencion,
  • meenwhile,
  • memuhin,
  • maniquin,
  • manchin,
  • meanwhithe,
  • mewnuhin,
  • menubin,
  • namewhen,
  • menchine,
  • menuhih,
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  • m3nuhin,
  • menshion.

Related words for menuhin

Adolph Baller


American-Austrian pianist

Adolph Baller was an Austrian-American pianist who played classical and romantic music. He performed with Yehudi Menuhin for several years and was a teacher of Terry Riley, and Jerome Rose.

Aisha Syed Castro


Dominican violinist

Aisha Syed Castro is a Dominican violinist and a member of the Yehudi Menuhin School orchestra.

Donald Weilerstein


American violinist

Donald Weilerstein is an American violinist and pedagogue. In 1969, he founded the Cleveland Quartet, becoming its first violinist, a position he held until 1989.

Paul Coletti



Paul Coletti is a prominent Scottish viola soloist and chamber musician. He has performed throughout the world, making solo appearances at the Sydney Opera House, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Teatro Colón.

Soyoung Yoon


Musical artist

Soyoung Yoon is a South Korean violinist. She started playing the violin at the age of five. She plays on the 1710 King George Stradivarius and the 1773 ex-Bückeburg J.B. Guadagnini violin.

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Rhymes for menuhin:

  1. ginn, ruin, quin, linne, wynne, qin, kin, linn, finn, tin, gwyn, vin, guinn, thin, quinn, wynn, gin, jin, flynn, spin, gwin, brinn, bryn, wuhan, chin, been, gwynne, grin, lynn, luane, yin, flinn, win, lin, pin, glynn, knin, shin, skin, rihn, linh, gyn, winn, trinh, din, dinh, kinn, min, inn, sin, gwinn, lyn, bin, winne, minh, pinn, glyn, gwynn, lynne, lwin, rinn, bruin, fin, guin, in, brin, twin, rhin, when;
  2. berlin, eldwin, herein, ewen, within, begin, adin, aswin, therein, euan, frewen, chagrin, akin, allin, has-been, kaylynn, emlyn, wherein, alpin, ewan, dewan;
  3. violin;

Translations for menuhin:

Arabic word for Menuhin


Chinese word for Menuhin


Hindi word for Menuhin


Japanese word for Menuhin


Korean word for Menuhin

디 메뉴 인.

Marathi word for Menuhin


Russian word for Menuhin


Spanish word for Menuhin


Tamil word for Menuhin

Menuhin யின்.

Ukrainian word for Menuhin