How To Spell mercy?

Correct spelling: mercy

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 \m(e)-rcy, mer-cy\

compassion, forebearance
Mercy as a girl's name is pronounced MER-see. It is of English origin, and the meaning of Mercy is "compassion, forebearance". A virtue name popular with the Puritans.

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What are the rhymes for mercy?

  1. percy, circe, ursy, ursie, kersey;
  2. gramercy;

What are the translations for mercy?

Arabic word for Mercy


Dutch words for Mercy

genade, gratie, zegen, barmhartigheid, medelijden, compassie, mededogen, goedertierenheid, genadigheid.

French words for Mercy

merci, miséricorde, clémence, compassion.

German words for Mercy

Schonung, Mitleid, Gnade, Barmherzigkeit, Erbarmen, Segen, Verschonung.

Greek word for Mercy


Japanese words for Mercy

なさけようしゃ, 情け容赦.

Malay word for Mercy


Norwegian word for Mercy


Polish word for Mercy


Portuguese words for Mercy

piedade, misericórdia.

Russian words for Mercy

милосердие, сострадание, пощада, жалость.

Spanish words for Mercy

clemencia, caridad, piedad, bondad, gracia, misericordia, merced, compasión.

Swedish word for Mercy


Turkish word for Mercy


Vietnamese word for Mercy

sự khoan dung.