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joyful, lighthearted
Merry as a girl's name is pronounced MARE-ee. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Merry is "joyful, lighthearted". Also variant of Meredith and Mercy; homonym of Mary. Merryn was the name of a seventh-century Irish saint.

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What are the rhymes for merry?

  1. querry, sherry, jeri, dairy, kerry, teri, glengarry, cherry, jere, kari, ferry, terry, valeri, sherri, merrie, scary, jerri, remarry, skerry, larry, parry, vary, gerri, very, tarry, gary, carrie, gery, kerrey, gerrie, cary, derry, prairie, eyrie, wary, contrary, harry, terrie, neri, mary, wherry, clary, ranieri, metairie, sherrie, karry, marry, sheri, kary, stary, chery, lary, bury, jerry, fairy, carrey, carie, cheri, kerri, sperry, guarneri, hairy, carey, unwary, nary, gerry, terri, barre, jerrie, perry;
  2. ary, berri, berry, airy, berrie, arie;
  3. azeri, canary;

What are the translations for merry?

Afrikaans word for Merry


Arabic word for Merry


Bengali word for Merry


Dutch words for Merry

glad, grappig, vrolijk, plezierig, opgewekt, jolig.

French words for Merry

monter, joyeux, gai, jovial.

German words for Merry

heiter, froh, selig, lustig, angeheitert, neckisch, fidel, feuchtfröhlich, angesäuselt.

Greek word for Merry


Hindi word for Merry


Japanese words for Merry

メリー, 喜喜, 喜々, 嬉々, メリ, 嬉嬉.

Javanese word for Merry


Korean word for Merry


Malay word for Merry


Norwegian word for Merry


Romanian word for Merry


Spanish words for Merry

contento, alegre, feliz, gozoso, festivo, contentos, achispado.